What is a surge arrester? Can surge protectors save your electronics?
What is a surge arrester? Can surge protectors save your electronics?
A surge protector is a device that is connected to a system to protect it against overvoltage.

A surge protector is an electrical device that protects equipment from power surges and overvoltage while also blocking voltage above a safe level.

When it exceeds 120 volts, the surge protector trips to ground voltage or even shuts it off. If surge protectors are not used, anything beyond 120 V can cause component difficulties such as irreversible damage, the lower lifespan of internal electronics, burnt wires, and data loss. It is one of the most important components in chemical earthing.

Transient Surge Protectors aim to control the voltage provided to electric equipment by either interrupting or shorting current to minimize the voltage that falls below the safe level.

You may now perform the same thing by employing an inductor that prevents an abrupt shift in the current. Spark gaps, Zener-type semiconductors, and MOVs, all of which start to conduct current after it reaches a particular voltage threshold, or by capacitors that prevent an abrupt shift in voltage also accomplished shorting. Surge protectors with many components are used sometimes.

Some features of surge protection device SPD are:

·         It will offer you an uninterruptible power supply by taking in spikes through a low-pass filter and allowing external power far beyond the battery, which will then provide you with uninterrupted power.

·         A metal oxide varistor is heat fused and restricts the voltage to 3 to 4 times that of a typical current. Parallel to this is the MOV connections, which enhance life expectancy and hence current capacity. MOVs will self-destruct if they are subjected to multiple big transients or many tiny transients.

·         When a circuit breaker trip or a fuse breaks, a surge protector steps in to offer internal protection and protection from device and external surges.

·         Zener diode guards against common circuit spikes and is commonly combined with a transient voltage arrestor diode.

·         However, it is an iron-core transformer that transmits alternating current electricity and cannot withstand rapid surges.


Surge protection can surely save our electronics to a certain extent. Few places where surge protection is used:

1.    Surge protectors could be found in power strips used inside or in a device located out at the power panel. Sockets in modern homes now employ three wires: neutral, line and ground. Because of conditions like lighting, where both neutral and line produce high voltage spikes that must be shorted to the ground, many protectors connect to all three in pairs.

2.    It protects the appliances by diverting the fault current to the ground. SPD is meant to limit transient overvoltages of natural origin and redirect flow waves to earth to limit the excess of this overvoltage to a value that is not hazardous to the electric switchgear, electrical establishment, and control gear.

3.    Surge protectors are commonly found in communications structures, power distribution panels, process control systems, and other large industrialized systems. Smaller versions can also be found at electricity service doors in commercial buildings and households.

4.    It is used in several electrical appliances like desktops, refrigerators, AC, and other heavy electrical appliances.

5.      It is used in receivers, transmitters and control-measurement technology.

6.     It is utilized in power distribution networks, telephone networks, communication devices, and electrical buses.

You might also want to think about extra features, such as a surge protector that switches off automatically when your devices turn off or overload, or one that comes with a remote control that you can use to turn it on and off together with the equipment on it. Grab great deals only on surge protection device price.

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