MCA Loan Default - Grant Phillips Law PLLC
MCA Loan Default - Grant Phillips Law PLLC
We represent Small Business Owners in getting their business out of debt, such as MCA Loan Default & other types of business loans! Get in touch!

Overcome Legal Complications Triggered Due To Illegal Loans With Legal Assistance From Experts

Businesses have a strict budget to ensure a smooth operation without problems. But, when something unexpected happens and the budget becomes constrained, business owners tend to take loans. Unfortunately, to get quick relief they make take a predatory business loan. It refers to the loan offered by a moneylender using deceptive, unfair, fraudulent practices. While the money can help the businessperson tide things over, it remains under the terms suggested by the lender. Ultimately, people end up paying high interest or excessive fees for the loans they take. It can center on payday loans, mortgages, tax refund loans, rent-to-own services, and car title loans. Because this is an unsecured loan, a Loan against Future Credit Card Receivables is an excellent financing choice and it does not require any collateral. Get a free consultation here at Grant Phillips Law PLLC.


While some lenders may not show predatory behavior, like the Ondeck loan that helps small businesses, there are others taking advantage of the misfortune of people. When people fall prey to such illegitimate loans, it means they face serious complications in their life. Predatory lenders tend to scam the victim out of their money. These illegitimate people offer schemes that may target the borrower’s assets, entice them to refinance loans to collect fees, or conceal the terms of the loan.


Ideal Legal Solutions For Business Reprieve


Anyone finding themselves in a soup due to taking a loan from an illegal person can seek assistance from law experts. Grant Phillips Law is the merchant cash advance for start up business defense law firms. It provides services to defend merchants and their merchants against illegal funders and collection attorneys. What makes this law firm different from the others? Here are the reasons:




  • Grant Phillips Law has positive reviews from its previous clients.
  • The team of legal experts can save the business and eliminate the stress linked to ACH payments. With legal guidance, businesses can eliminate the idea of bankruptcy.
  • As a law firm focusing on Merchant Cash Advance, clients can access affordable repayment. The legal team can uphold their legal rights.
  • The legal experts with knowledge and skill can represent merchants and businesses holding MCA to help them get justice.
  • Legal experts can defend clients and their businesses when faced with legal issues. The experts can also offer assistance when the lenders freeze or levy the business accounts.
  • If a business has a New Business Merchant Cash Advance default, the experts can fill emergency papers to overrule or remove the judgment.


The legal experts at Grant Phillips Law explain all legal options based on the specific requirements of the businessmen. The expert team has knowledge and experience representing merchants against the MCA funders. With a legal expert by their side, any business can overcome legal challenges with ease.We represent Small Business Owners in getting their business out of debt, such as MCA Loan Default & other types of business loans! Get in touch!


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