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You might have heard people discussing the muffler. The general question in that discussion is how does a muffler work? The answer to this can be very typically as most of them don’t know about its work. Here’s all you must know about the muffler.Owning a beautiful car is always an exciting feeling and understanding each and every part is exciting too. Knowing each part of … [Read more...] about How Does a Muffler Work? – A Detailed Guide for You!

For almost three decades, Jeepers worldwide have considered Jeep Wrangler to be one of the most reliable and affordable SUVs. Have you ever imagined why are jeep wranglers so popular? Though the wrangler has made some incremental changes and upgrades, it remains a simple, sustainable vehicle compared to the modern SUV’s in the market.Three factors probably provide answers … [Read more...] about Why are Jeep Wranglers So Popular? – Brief Explanation

There are a lot of products available in the market for cleaning the jeep top. Yet, it is imperative to select the right product. A soft-top needs to be taken extra care of and maintained. Because A Jeep with a stylish soft-top is always a treat to watch. However, proper cleaning and maintenance can increase the cover's life and make it more durable in long-term use. … [Read more...] about How to Clean Jeep Soft Top? – A Step by Step Guide

If you have had enough of your old Chevy transmission module, it is important to know a certain procedure. The procedure is how to reset transmission control module Chevy. Hence, if you’ve been experiencing bumming or gear problems with your Chevy, this procedure can help.How do you know when your Chevy needs a transmission control module reset? Some signs are evident of … [Read more...] about How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy – A Detailed Guide

Owning a vehicle is always a perfect feeling, and no doubt, the same can ease your journey from one place to another. Though it is helpful in transportation, sometimes, even a small issue in your vehicle can create discomfort for the owners. One such issue is operating the vehicle's system that includes various indication lights. And one of the indications light is the … [Read more...] about How to turn off StabiliTrak?- An Expert Explanation

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