How To Choose The Best Coverstitch Machine- Overview
Before buying cover-stitch equipment, you have to consider many things including type, brand, price point, quality, and even your plan of usage.

How To Choose The Best Coverstitch Machine - Overview

Before buying cover-stitch equipment, you have to consider many things including type, brand, price point, quality, and even your plan of usage.

Coverstitch machines become more and more popular in home sewing, however, like the best heavy duty sewing machine, a cover stitch machine is a huge investment that you have to think twice before diving in and buying it.

So, this post will introduce to you about the overall of coverstitch machines, then you will make a precise decision of whether purchasing it or not.



What Is A Coverstitch Machine?

The original purpose of coverstitch machines is for top-stitching and hemming knits.

Coverstitch machine creates a straight seam on the front of the fabrics and a chain or a grid on the other side. To do that, it uses a looper thread that crosses back and forth the threaded needles.

Most importantly, the finishes are resilient and durable that avoid fabric stretch. Especially when you hem stretchy knits, this kind of sewing machine is always better than the basic ones.


A Twin-needle Sewing Machine VS. A Coverstitch

Basically, two types of sewing machines are the same. However, a coverstitch item has a lopper grid instead of a zigzag stitch in the twin-needle sewing machine in a lot of basic sewing machine reviews as mentioned.

Besides, seams made by coverstitch machines are more resilient without any ridge between the stitch rows in comparison with that of twin-needle ones.


A Serger VS. A Coverstitch

Both of them have many mutual points in technique. For example, they sew seams by forming loops. Hence, you can buy a serger and coverstitch combination machine.

Otherwise, a standard serger cannot make straight stitches and fold hem while a coverstitch item still does that.



Coverstitch Machine Classification

As far as we have researched, there are 4 most common sorts of coverstitch equipment available: the 2-needle, the 3-needle, the coverstitch/serger 2-in-1, and the top-cover.

The first one features 2 needles along with 1 looper to sew a single row of chain stitch, and 3 threads of coverstitch seams.
Next, the 3-needle coverstitch is more popular than the above mentioned. It is so versatile that sews 2 or 3 needles of coverstitch and a 1-needle chain stitch. This item also makes a unique seam that is pretty enough to be a stitch for decorating the fabric's right side.

Well, here is the Top Choice Of Best Coverstitch Machine Best Sewing Machine For Professionals you may concern.

The 2-in-1 combo machine of coverstitch and serger can handle coverstitch, chain stitch, and overlock seams. They help you save the working space and even your money in the long-term investment. Accordingly, these machines are quite expensive.


Some versions of this 2-in-1 combo require you switching between cover-stitching and serging.


The last one is the top-coverstitch machine that usually sews coverstitch seams decorated on both sides of the fabrics.

This kind of coverstitch machines can create seams the same as those made by industrial stitches for knits. Also, it can hem, decorate top-stitching, join seams, and more.