How SEO company in Delhi benefits small businesses
How SEO company in Delhi benefits small businesses
Small businesses can gain a lot from SEO. Search engine optimization assists small businesses to build fast, user-friendly, and robust websites. Hire the best SEO company in Delhi NCR now for better results

Search Engine Optimization is an art and a science. This is the art of ranking websites higher in Search Engines. And there is a whole science behind it to do it in the right manner. Luckily, we are good at both. We know exactly what needs to be done to rank websites higher for required keywords in search engines. We are one of the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR to help you rank better.

The starting point of any SEO is Keyword Research, and that is something we are really good at. We will find the best keywords for your website to rank for. We will also determine keyword difficulty to ensure we find keywords that are easy to rank for. As the premier Search Engine company of Delhi, NCR, we are renowned for our keyword research. With our proven keyword research methods, we will discover hidden gems that will get you relevant traffic, that can ultimately convert as your customers. We closely monitor SERP of keywords to ensure they keep moving up the search results. And we also keep working on always finding new keywords to help get long tail traffic.

We fix SEO of your website pages. We check all the content, meta tags, headings, images, tags, etc. to ensure your On Page SEO rocks. We will also do advanced On Page SEO activities, like addition of Structured Data Markup for both Google as well as Facebook. Result will be a website that will have perfect On Page SEO. That is what makes us one of the top SEO companies in Delhi.

Most of SEO agencies in Delhi follow wrong SEO practices, that can harm our website. Luckily, we are very good at Off Page SEO. So, when you associate with us as one of the top ranking SEO agency in Delhi, you can be sure that it is going to be a game changer for your company. We do quality link building, social media bookmarking, article submission, and more White Hat SEO Techniques.

Most of the SEO companies in Delhi claim to do On Page and Off Page SEO, but what about Technical SEO? This is one of the most important aspects of SEO, that is least understood. We know how to do Technical SEO right. We take care of all aspects of Technical SEO, like ensuring your Sitemap and Robots.txt files are search engine compliant, add canonical URLs, and more. We will help you with all aspects of Technical SEO.



Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the most important part of SEO. Before you starting optimizing your website for search engines, it is very important to know that exactly which keywords you want to optimize for. And the keywords have to be such that they represent what your users type in search engines when they are looking for a product or service like yours. Many times it means ignoring high volume keywords, as they might not be completely relevant for you, and instead going for long tail keywords that represent your business better. As one of the best SEO agency of Delhi, we know exactly how to do keyword research to find the perfect keywords for your website. Ranking for those keywords ensure you get organic traffic from search engines that is the right fit for your website. We strive to ensure that everyone who lands on your website is a potential customer who can be converted. And for that, we ensure that each keyword that we target is highly relevant. Not only that, we define separate keywords for different sections of the website. For example, we go for main keywords for homepage of the website, then a bit niche keywords for category pages, and then even further narrow long tail keywords for individual product pages. All this ensures that keywords of all the pages of the website are highly optimized, and don’t compete with each other.

Keyword Difficulty Analysis

Most of the SEO agencies of Delhi just stop at finding the keywords. However, a very important aspect of keyword research is keyword difficulty analysis. We perform keyword difficulty analysis for each keyword to determine how easy or difficult it is to rank for a keyword. Once we have this information, we are easily able to determine that which keywords are low hanging keywords for which it is faster to rank, and which keywords would take more time to rank. Based on this, we are able to plan our SEO activities in such a manner that we are able to start getting organic traffic to your website in the beginning itself by targeting easy to rank keywords and after that we go for more difficult keywords to get long term organic traffic. All this ensures that this SEO agency of Delhi works in a manner that your website is able to start ranking in search engines quickly.

Keyword Mapping

Once we have identified all the keywords for your website, the next important step is to map the keywords to the relevant pages of your website. We don’t try to just rank homepage of your website for all the keywords, instead, we find relevant page of your website for each keyword. After that, we start doing SEO activities accordingly so that different pages of your website rank for different keywords. For example, someone might be searching to understand more about how products like yours work, then we optimize your FAQ page for such queries so that your potential customers can directly get the answers they are looking for. Similarly, we map the keywords to relevant pages of the website, which suit those keywords best. When you work with us as one of the best SEO Company of Delhi, you can be sure that we are always working on identifying relevant keywords for all the important pages of your website. We are very good at it.

On Page SEO

A lot of times clients come to us for their SEO requirements, but they tell us that their On-Page SEO is already done, and no further optimization is required in that. However, we still analyse their current On-Page SEO, and find that most of the times it has not been done correctly. Either Meta Tags have not been setup properly, or Meta Tags are not in line with the content on the page, or Headings like H1, H2, etc. are missing, or sometimes even multiple H1 headings are present on a page. As your knowledgeable SEO partner in Delhi, we know exactly what to look for in On Page SEO, and what to fix. On Page SEO is a very important aspect of SEO, as all other SEO activities would fail if On Page SEO has not been done right. There is a saying that content is the king. So, we carefully evaluate and improve content on your page to ensure that it is not just user friendly, but is SEO friendly as well. We completely optimize the content to get organic search traffic. This content optimization is done based on Keyword Research and Keyword mapping that we would have already done for each page. After fixing page content, we work on fixing other important elements on page, like, image alt tags, headings, etc. Finally, we optimize Meta Tags of the page, so that they are in line with our keyword research, and also in line with the content that is already on that page. All this leads to a highly optimized On Page SEO that is sure to get traffic from different search engines. Also, we keep changing and improving this over time to see what is working and what can be done better. Sometimes you might have products and services that could have some associated seasonality, like, more demand around festivals. In those cases, we modify the page content around such festivals and holidays to cater to the search queries that users would be making at that time.

Off Page SEO

Once On Page SEO is done, we move to Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO is what most of the people perceive what SEO is. Off Page SEO are the SEO activities that are carried out away from your main website pages. A major part of Off Page SEO involves link building, but there are other important aspects as well. This SEO Company of Delhi first makes a complete link building strategy as to which pages to get links for, which keywords to be used in link text, and which websites to get links from, and then we start executing upon that strategy. We create awesome content that we can submit on external sites to get backlinks. This involves article submission websites, as well as blogs. In addition to that, we also write our content on external publishing sources like,, and, to get Do Follow Links. We also create forum profiles to get links as well as to reach out to potential users on the forums who are looking for type of products and services that you are selling. Finally, we are also big fans of Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers and we keep monitoring them for questions related to the type of products and services that you are selling, so that we can reply to them. This results in long term traffic from those websites.

Technical SEO

Most of the SEO companies of Delhi just focus on On Page and Off Page SEO, and they completely miss out on Technical SEO. In today’s world, Technical SEO is just as important, if not more, as On Page and Off Page SEO. Technical SEO ensures that everything on your website is technically completely in line with what search engines expect. This includes having a perfect Sitemap that has been submitted to Google Search Console, RSS feed of your rapidly changing content added to Google Search Console, Google Structured Data Markup as well as Facebook Open Graph Tags, perfect Robots.txt file, and a lot more. As one of the top SEO Company of Delhi, we take care of all the aspects of Technical SEO. We check and fix your website to ensure there are no Technical SEO errors that could impact the rankings of your website negatively. Not only that, we also ensure to use the latest Technical SEO techniques to ensure your website can outshine those of your competitors. We know whatever needs to be done, and will take care of it. You just sit back and see your improved rankings in search engines.


While doing SEO, it is very important to regularly track how the keywords are performing. It is important to regularly monitor keyword positions in search engines. A lot of SEO companies do this manually, but we use sophisticated tools that monitor keyword positions daily, and alert us whenever a keyword goes up or down. In case we see a keyword has gone down, we immediately take necessary actions to regain its lost position. This ensures we never lose track of how your keywords are performing, and are able to constantly work towards ranking them higher. As a knowledgeable SEO Company of NCR, you can be sure that we are always aware of what is going on with your keywords and are always working on moving them further up in search engine rankings.

Competitor Backlink Watch

While doing SEO, it is very important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. We keep doing constant competitor analysis as well as competitor backlink watch, to see where your competitors are getting backlinks from. This gives us potential backlink targets for your website, so as to rank it higher. Also, if your competitor starts ranking for some new keywords, we come to know about that also, and then try to outrank your competitors. Whatever your competitors do in the SEO world, we keep a close check on that, and strive to outrank them. As one of the best SEO Company of India, we know how to do that. And we know what are the right tools and techniques that should be leveraged for that.

Link Building Techniques

There are many link building techniques we employ. While traditional SEO companies focus on old techniques like article submission, etc. only, we use some really cutting edge link building techniques to get Do Follow backlinks from difficult to link websites. For example, one of the techniques we employ is Broken Link Building. Basically, we find websites which have broken links on their resource pages, and we encourage them to replace those broken links with link to your website. This ensures your website is able to get a quality backlink from a website from which it is difficult to get a backlink otherwise. Similarly, there are many other unique and innovative link building techniques that we as your preferred SEO Company of Delhi use to get some great backlinks to your website.


While getting links to your website, a lot of SEO companies in Delhi focus on getting links from external websites only. However, they miss out a very important resource for backlinks: your own website. Yes, you also need to get links to the Homepage of your website from internal pages of your website. If you have a blog, then that can give you even more links that can go to Homepage as well as internal pages of your website. So, interlinking is a very important aspect of link building that we as a premier SEO Company are able to easily take care of. In fact, whenever we add content to a page, one aspect that we are always conscious about is that which other pages of your website we can link to from that content.

Local SEO

If you are selling anything that is specific to a location, or multiple locations, then Local SEO is something that is very important for your website. Local SEO ensures that your website can rank better in queries with location based intention. For example, restaurants around me, Pest control in Delhi, etc. We ensure all your locations are properly tagged in Local SEO, so that Google can show relevant location based on where user is searching from. This is a very important part of SEO, and if done right, can really make you stand apart from your competitors. As a premier local SEO agency of Delhi, we know how to do this.

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