How Laravel Version 9 is Better Than Laravel Version 8
How Laravel Version 9 is Better Than Laravel Version 8
Laravel is an open-source PHP framework with powerful PHP frameworks. The framework's most recent version is Laravel 9. On February 8th, 2022, this new version was released.


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework with powerful PHP frameworks. The framework's most recent version is Laravel 9. On February 8th, 2022, this new version was released. The creators published three versions prior to Laravel 9: Laravel 8, Laravel 7, and Laravel 6. Laravel is widely used to develop high-performance object-oriented, MVC-based web applications.

What can we anticipate from Laravel 9?

Laravel 9 is expected to be the first Long Term Support release in a 12-month cycle, with an initial release date of September 2022. It was later agreed to postpone it until January 20, 2022. Laravel is dependent on various community-driven and Symfony 9 libraries, and Symfony had planned to release Symfony v6.0 by November 2021, leading the Laravel team to delay the release of Laravel v9.

It will take some time to upgrade or update the whole Laravel framework to the most recent version of Symfony, as well as extensive testing and monitoring for any breaking changes before releasing it to the market. Finally, postponing the release of Laravel 9 until January 2022 would better position the Laravel team to release the next LTS on an annual basis.

Laravel Advantages

Laravel 9 has been officially published, and let me tell you about its new features. The following are some of the features:

  1. PHP Minimum Requirement Laravel 9 installation necessitates the most recent version of PHP 8, PHP Unit 9, and a variety of other prerequisites that will be mentioned in the future. Laravel relies on a number of community-driven and Symfony 9 libraries.

  2. Because Symfony expected to release v6.0 by November 2021, the Laravel team was forced to postpone the release of Laravel v9. Laravel 9 requires PHP 8 since it is entirely based on Symfony's newest v6.0 version, which requires PHP 8.

  3. Updated Query Builder Interface Type hinting in Laravel 9 is quite dependable for refactoring, inactive analysis, and code completion in their IDEs. This is because Query Builder, Eloquent Builder, and Eloquent Relation all require a shared interface or inheritance.

  4. Engineers may still enjoy the new query builder interface for type hinting, refactoring, and static analysis with Laravel 9.

  5. String Functions in PHP 8 Because Laravel 9 targets PHP 8, Laravel incorporated this PR, recommending using the most recent PHP 8 string functions.

  6. Internally in the Illuminate SupportStr class, these functions employ str contains(), str starts with(), and str ends with(). The enhancements and improvements outlined for Laravel 9 are only a taste of what's to come. It will very certainly include bug fixes, new features, and, of course, several game-changing tweaks.

  7. Some significant features of Laravel 9 PHP 8.0 is the minimal need for Laravel 9. In the latest version of Laravel, Anonymous Stub Migrations are kept as default. Laravel 9 has better themes on a fantastic page. You may change or select available themes using this exponential function at your leisure. Laravel 9 introduces a new Query Builder Interface, making development easier. The creators of Laravel 9 attempted to address concerns with bugs and usability.

  8. Why should you choose Laravel 9 instead of Laravel 8? Nulls and custom casts In previous Laravel versions, the set strategy of custom cast classes was not called if the cast property was set to null. This behavior, however, contradicted the Laravel documentation. In Laravel 9.x, the set strategy of the cast course will be called with null as the given $value argument. As a result, you must ensure that your custom casts are capable of dealing with this circumstance.

  9. HTTP Client Timeout by Default The HTTP client now has a timeout of 30 seconds by default. In other words, if the server does not respond within 30 seconds, an exception is thrown. On the HTTP client, no default timeout duration was set, causing queries to "hang" forever. If you want to define a longer wait for a specific request, use the timeout method:

  10. The language Directory In Laravel 9. x applications, the resources/Lang directory is now placed within the root project directory (Lang). If your package publishes language files to this directory, make sure it uses the app()->langPath() rather than a hard-coded path.

  11. Mailer Symphony One of the most significant changes in Laravel 9. x is the transition from Swift Mailer, which will no longer be supported after December 2021, to Symphony Mailer. Laravel, on the other hand, aimed to make this transition as uniform as possible for your apps. That being said, it is recommended that you thoroughly study the list of changes below to verify that your application is totally consistent.

  12. Conclusion Laravel 9's creators strive to deliver the finest solution for their consumers, and they do so by releasing new updated versions every year. However, it took them two years to introduce Laravel 9. This new version includes Laravel 9 new features that will make it easier to construct web apps. If you need help upgrading your application from Laravel 8 to Laravel 9, contact us to hire a Laravel developer from storeemart and take advantage of our first-rate Laravel app development services.

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