BEST UF membrane, Ultra filtration membrane, Hollow Fibre UF in India!
We Jay Water Management Pvt Ltd is India's most trusted Ro membrane Manufacturer Company, We are supply all types of reverse osmosis membranes for domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment application. We have been offering total water management solutions for more than two decades.

Jay Water

For commercial applications in water treatment plants for private, public or even controlled applications, Jay Water Management Private Limited manufactures highly unique reverse osmosis membranes such as Sea water RO membranes for filtering,processing and converting sea water into usable water Maximum Salt rejection RO Membrane.

One of the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India, our hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane deliver high rejection and high productivity results in any type of water processing mechanisms.


Check out theBEST UF membranes, and PVA Gel Media as well as Sea water RO membranes on