With a variety of different type Security Seals available, it might be confusing for any personnel to choose the best solution for the task at hand.

ACME Seals- Choosing the right security seals

Trying tofigure out the best Security Sealsolution can be a daunting task.

With avariety of different type Security Seals available, it might be confusing forany personnel to choose the best solution for the task at hand.

But worryno more as by the end of reading this article you will be on your way tochoosing the right seal for the right application.

Purpose of a Security Seal

Understandingthe application that the metal security seal will be used within.  Is it sealing a warehouse cage, an ATMcassette, a distribution truck? Etc.

What arethe requirements needed to do the job correctly? How many seals are needed toseal each job? What kind of marking is needed on the security seal?

Will it beused as part of a security pre tampering indictor, tagging device or somethingelse?

If theSecurity Seal is required for preventing, showing signs of tampering iftampered with is essential.  Acme Sealswide range of security seals provides the ultimate choice to any buyer in themarket place giving assurances that all Acme products are made to the higheststandard.

Someequipment needing to be sealed might have more important roles to play andtherefore sealing with stronger security seals which require cutting tools areessential as these security seals are harder to remove and therefore offer moresecurity.

This iswhere Acme peace of mind statement comes into play


Considerationof the environment will also need to be considered when deciding on whatsecurity seal meets your requirements. An example of this would be sealing an outdoor fixture such as a valveon an oil rig.  Being exposed toweathering a heavy duty seal would be needed as opposed to light breakingsecurity seal seen on a fire extinguisher.

With a hostof security seals made from high-quality materials, Acme Seals has an optionfor all applications making the choice simple and effective.

Installationand Removal

Dependingon your security needs, a seal should be as easy to install but either easy ordifficult to remove depending on choice of product.

Acme Sealssecurity seals are easy to install and require minimal training.

The varioustypes of plastic security seals produced by Acme Seals are designed to be toughbut convenient enough to be removed by multiple methods whether by cutting withscissors, breaking by hand or even by breaking using the designed easy tear-offfeature.

High-security(H) rated seals such as container bolt seals and cable seals will require bolt/cablecutters to be removed. This is to prevent theft or even contamination from highvalue cargo from occurring. Acme Seals high-security rated seals are designedaccording to international standards.


A certainsecurity seal might seem perfect however; there might be certain laws andregulations you need to comply with so checking local, regional, national orinternational requirements before placing your order is essential.  Sending goods by sea is a prime example wheredo many countries only accept the container with an ISO security seal in place.

Somecountries have their own internal standards for certain industries such asbanking and Cash-in-Transit services. Therefore, it is best to take note on thelegal requirements when choosing the right security seal to prevent any delayor worst suspension in your shipment process.


You havenow reached the end of this article.

By keepingin mind all the requirements as stated in this article, choosing your nextsecurity seal should be a breeze.

If you doface any problems, there is always that helpful Acme Seals representative eagerto help answer any questions that you may have or even guide you through theprocess.