A Quick Glance Into The Perks Of Anyon's Investment Plans: Anyon 101
A Quick Glance Into The Perks Of Anyon's Investment Plans: Anyon 101
Get secure, credible and risk-free crypto tokenisation option never like before since Anyon STO comes under federal guidelines. Activities channelized by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency liquidity will propose an enticing scenario, where immutability and transparency are defining features.

If there is a project that has set the cryptosphere on a blazing fire in recent history, it must be Altro Capital's magnum opus - Anyon. At heart, Anyon is the conglomerate of an extended blockchain-based financial ecosystem - consisting of an entirely tokenized bank, a multi-utility P2P cryptocurrency exchange, and the stupendously developed Anyon app. Being a competent player in the wealth management universe, Anyon looks to democratize the digital banking sector and extend its ingenuity on a global scale. To facilitate this historical event, Anyon is geared with an irresistible stack of investment plans, each bringing a diverse range of perks to the table. Let's sieve through them at an atomic level.


The essential hatchway into the Anyon world, this cardinal investment plan bestows the user with a shareholder's entitlement, besides providing a yield of 0.75% per month. Affordability is its USP, considering you need only around 3.000 Anyon tokens to secure this package. (1 Anyon Token = € 1.66)


An upgrade into the 10.000 Anyon Token-requiring Silver plan supersizes the net yield per month all the way from 0.75% to 1% in conjunction with the advantages associated with the entry-level Bronze package. Cost-effectiveness has a new name!

Double Silver

Explore the best of the Silver package (30.000 AYTO) crew with the Double Silver plan and receive an unwavering yield of up to 1.25% each month, every month! Additionally, the status of being a shareholder - a rarity in crypto-based investments arms with the much-needed financial assurance.


The 63.250 Anyon token-mandating Gold package opens the floodgates of premier perks, including the status as a limited partner (0.3%). This iteration ensures that you start receiving dividends in the range of 10- 15 cents per quarter, besides 1.5% of yield per month. Not to mention the awarding of the Anyon Mastercard debit card. 


The penultimate package denoted as Platinum (105.415 AYTO) is as lustrous as its name, providing a YPM of 1.75% and DPQ of 10-15 cents. The magnitude of the limited partner entitlement shoots up to 0.5%, and the access to the Anyon card adds icing to the fiscal cake.

Double Platinum

The crown jewel among the five-tier Anyon package bundle. Name any perk, and this plan nails it convincingly! From accrediting the investor with the status of a shareholder, elevating the entitlement of being a limited partner(1%), providing the blinding metric of 2% YPM, relentless DPQ of 10 to 15 cents to the ability to harness the Anyon card to its zenith, the Double Platinum package (210.830 AYTO) is the one to beat. 

Let The Good Times Begin!

Make your own fortune by storming the best of Anyon's varied iterations of investment packages. Secured investment plans in the divergent world of blockchain is a rarity, and any well-informed investor wouldn't risk the opportunity of missing this milestone event. Get started right now!