In today’s modern world, as fast as our life is moving with the ongoing industrialization and modernization, our dietary habits and lifestyle has also been adulterated as we are striking ourselves more towards processed and packed food items and with a sedentary lifestyle.


In today’s modern world, as fast as our life is moving with the ongoing industrialization and modernization, our dietary habits and lifestyle has also been adulterated as we are striking ourselves more towards processed and packed food items and with a sedentary lifestyle. As a result of that we are making our body filled up with harmful toxins, all these factors lead to the formation of cancerous growth inside our body, one such prevalent form of malignant condition is known as testicular cancer. As ayurveda focuses on adopting ritucharya (seasonal regime) and dincharya (daily regime) in our day to day life. It will help in fighting cancerous disorders very effectively. So let’s start discussing how we can prevent ourselves from such cancerous ailments.


Testicular cancer is defined as the presence of cancer (abnormal cell growth that spreads to different parts of the body) in the testicles, part of male reproductive system. Testicles are paired structures situated in the scrotal sac just below the penis. Seen only in males as it involves testicles. Generally this ailment is an easily treatable and curable type of carcinoma. But early identification and beginning of treatment as early as possible would carry good prognosis. Testes plays major role in making testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. It helps in producing sperm, within the testis there is a presence of numerous tubules known as seminiferous tubules, in these tubules sperm production takes place through a process known as spermatogenesis. As per ayurveda we can correlated it with “arbud


It includes all those common conditions that will give rise to generate a pathological condition in our body. As per ayurveda they are known as ‘nidan’ and ‘hetu

  • Hormonal imbalance primarily human growth hormone is considered as a prime suspect.
  • Inheritance – Heredity also plays a major role in this.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Unhealthy dietary habits.
  • Lack of physical workout.
  • Presence of undescended testis.
  • Due to the presence of other underlying diseases such as- inguinal hernia, orchitis due to mumps virus.


It means the general complaints along with which patients present in front of the physician

  • Lump in the testis that may be painful or may not be.
  • Presence of sharp pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Heaviness in the scrotum
  • Tenderness and firmness over the scrotal area
  • Lower back pain.
  • Low sperm count.
  • Itching
  • Retention of urine.
  • Redness and inflammation over the scrotal area.

As per ayurveda

This shloka states that

  • This abnormal growth is soft in appearance.
  • Slight pain will be present.
  • Contains normal texture as that of skin tissue.
  • Apak (pus formation will never seen in it)
  • Asham upmam (as hard as stone in consistency)
  • Aprachlya (steady)


It includes the common diagnostic approaches we use to identify the disease.

  • Through detailed history taking.
  • By doing detailed physical examination of the patient.
  • Serum tumor marker test.
  • Blood tests.
  • Radiation examination
    • X-ray
    • CT scan
    • Testicular ultrasonography


The main treatment modalities we need to use in testicular cancer are listed below

  1. Radiation therapy- In this use of radiations (mostly x-rays) are used to kill the cancer cells.
  2. Surgical removal of tumor.
  3. Chemotherapy- In this powerful chemical agents are used to kill fast growing cancerous cells from their root level.

The above mentioned management protocols, might lead to other discomforts like weight loss, indigestion. To overcome these associated ailments we can use classical treatment modalities mentioned in our ancient text. It will help in providing strength and stamina to the patient along with that assist in increasing the lifespan of the diseased person.

Ayurveda herbal formulations that will help you in controlling the further deterioration of a patient’s health. Ayurvedic herbs works on the principle of Swasthasyay swasthya rakshanam aturasyay vikara prashamanam ch

This above verse states that- The prime goal of ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy person and to treat disease pathology of a diseased one.

If you want to use herbal formulations, Planet ayurveda is a leading herbal manufacturing unit serving people worldwide with their herbal and authentic products they offers various  herbal formulations for this and are as follow

Herbal formulation of Planet Ayurveda

  1. Curcumin capsules
  2. Ashwagandha capsules
  3. Chanderprabha vati
  4. Tulsi capsules
  5. Kanchnaar guggul
  6. Guggul capsules
  7. Varunadi vati
  8. Mutrkrichantak churna

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Now we can conclude that ayurvedic herbs have very good results in managing testicular cancer. Life expectancy of a patient with such ailment depends upon the level of disease has progressed and on the immunity power of the patient. With herbal medicines we can surely manage this very well. If you are opting for herbal treatment, consider planet ayurveda as your prime priority. Our expert doctor Vikram Chauhan has great experience in managing such ailments. you can visit us at our clinic in Mohali, Punjab or can send your queries on our official email id-

At last I just want to end this article with a very beautiful shloka mentioned in our classical texts.

This verse states that- If a physician has a thorough knowledge of curable and incurable ailments and after that when he precedes the treatment in proper time, he will surely succeed. But if he tries to treat incurable disease even after knowing that it is a non treatable ailment, he will certainly suffer from the loss of arth (wealth), vidya (his/her study), yash (reputation) in the society. Means it is very important for a doctor to tell his patient that your disease is a non curable one, we cannot treat it completely but we can stop its advancement and manage its further deterioration very well with herbal medication.