Communication is considered a two-way activity between the transmitter and the receiver. However, at times, the person trying to convey something to the other(s) is not successful in doing so because s/he lacks confidence.

This is especially crucial in businesses when managers, department heads, VPs and CEOs have to routinely communicate with employees, management members, shareholders, regulatory bodies and media. Any hint of lack of confidence can adversely impact the person’s and in effect the company’s reputation and credibility. A key aspect of communication is that a person’s mindset and level of conviction or confidence travels much before the actual message is transmitted. Which effectively means that if your message is not delivered with confidence, it may lack the punch and will not be received the way you intended it to. 

Now imagine scenarios when the person initiating the communication lacks confidence in delivering the message as in 

  • A CEO conveying crucial policy decisions that could potentially change the direction of  a company
  • A parent conveying something that spells discipline for a teenager
  • Communicating with your employees in times of distress
  • A political leader communicating in volatile times (like the pandemic or war or natural calamity)
  • Doctors, Airplane Captains, Army personnel or Leaders need to be clear and confident in whatever they say or convey to others because a lot is at stake not just in what they say but also how they say it

Why do we lack confidence while communicating?

Communication is all about holding the other person’s attention all the time till you have (verbally or non-verbally) conveyed what you intended to so that he has received in exact same way. At times, the initiator lacks confidence when:

  1. He is not prepared for delivering the message
  2. The body language is not in sync with the message being conveyed
  3. He is afraid of the response from the other
  4. He is not convinced about the matter himself
  5. The audience is not receptive
  6. The speaker is provoked by the audience and he buckles under that pressure
  7. Lacks self-esteem or has negative self esteem

7 Practical Tips to Communicate Confidently

The key is to be convinced about what you are saying. When you lack conviction, it shows. 

In my experience, I’ve found the below tips to be practical, doable and quite helpful to anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate with confidence: Read more...