TikTok Brand Proves Online Video Consumption Trend
TikTok Brand Proves Online Video Consumption Trend
TikTok's success is no surprise to anyone following the industry, as the app's growth in 2020 was above 100% in many countries. This helps Tiktok’s most prominent users pay attention in a cost-effective manner.

In September of this year, TikTok reached the mark of 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. A number proved the growth of the Chinese platform and showed that the consumption of online videos continues to rise. More than 80% of internet data traffic is currently spent on this content format. From social media to streaming, videos are taking over the digital world. Identify your most popular niche Musers and just follow or unfold them till they follow your profile. It will seem odd how this technique works as members will look at your profile and like what you publish, following appropriate attempts by your favorite site. Comments on Tiktok’s video stars will increase the chances of being followed back, particularly if your comments are centered and focused. Some of the people you sponsor may also share secrets and help you gain more support.


For example, the monthly rate reached over 200%. The result is that Brazilians are among those who use the platform the most, whether consuming or publishing parodies, dances and even more informative content. As we explained in a recent report, the platform has been very successful, especially with the younger audience.

However, the mark of 1 billion active users every month is numerical proof that the trend for the future is online videos, especially those of short duration.


TikTok was able to see this ahead of time and influenced other rivals such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. Nowadays, all these social networks have adapted to make room for shorter videos. Even YouTube created Shorts in search of a slice of this market, which seems increasingly dominated by the service created in China. The search by an audience of content creators helps to explain the billionaire number that the platform achieved in 2021. Almost all profiles only achieve relevance if they draw attention from the beginning, making creating an online intro video essential for any content.


The first 10 or 20 seconds of a video usually define whether the viewer will watch until the end or go for something different. Also, with this trend consolidated by TikTok of short videos, the demand for people is increasing. A professional introduction can guarantee good views from start to finish, especially at a time when online videos are mainly on the web. The internet is constantly changing, and new trends emerge all the time. Until the end of December and for the next few months, online videos should dictate the pace of consumption.


A recent survey published on the Rock Content portal showed that 82% of web data traffic is directed to the consumption of this format. Streaming platforms show this with evidence. They have almost 20 million users on the different services available.

YouTube is another very successful site here, and with constant growth. There is no shortage of content creators getting over 1 million subscribers. Youtuber Felipe Neto, for example, is close to reaching the mark of 45 million digital fans, making him the most popular in the country today.


Whether on YouTube or TikTok, it is undeniable that online videos are on the rise in the most varied formats possible. The most outstanding merit of the Chinese platform is achieving rapid growth and also changing the way people consume audiovisual. YouTube showed the world the power of videos. Similarly, TikTok popularized the short video format. The young generation prefers the video format of content, and brands were quick to respond to this. With the popularity of the social audio app Clubhouse, there has been an upward growth in other platforms creating their in-app audio channels. Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify, all are now in the fray to join the social audio bandwagon.


The future of influencer marketing is inclined toward audio and video formats. Brands utilize influencers to endorse products through unboxing, product demos, and sponsored content in video formats. The 1 billion user mark that the app has is expected to increase in the coming months. At least, that's what the numbers indicate. TikTok has made an enormous impact on the internet, and recognizing the importance is also understanding how the internet works.