A Guide To Block Management
A Guide To Block Management
Obviously, a block management company helps residents manage the entire block.

Block Management London

Unfortunately, the real estate Block Management London industry is awash with a lot of jargon that can confuse even the most intrepid homeowner. It's worth knowing a little about these terms, however, as more of us are turning to block management companies to manage our blocks more effectively — but what exactly is "block management"?

Obviously, a block management company helps residents manage the entire block. Understandably, many residents might find the idea of handing control of their block of flats to a real estate company a bit difficult; However, there are many reasons why a block management company could really save you time, hassle, and maybe even a little money.

The 34 new residential property management regulations

In just 6 years the government has introduced a staggering 34 new legislative changes affecting home and lease management agents and their property management services. And this list excludes any labor law changes that affect real estate service companies when employing their own employees.

Regulatory and legal

The main regulatory and legal changes affecting landlords, landowners, property management companies and their representatives are listed below.

Although this list is not exhaustive, the extent of government intervention in this sector is clear. It is acknowledged that much of this legislation will undoubtedly bring improvements, but the scale and speed of introduction of change is staggering.

Radical and wholesale

There must be few sectors that have undergone such radical and comprehensive changes in the law in such a short space of time. It's no wonder so many condominium management companies, landlords and their tenants turn to residential property managers for professional help and advice on utility costs.

Right to Management (RTM)

Many condominiums, leases, local management companies, Right to Manage (RTM), and property management organizations are run by volunteers and others who may be relatively inexperienced in property management. It is understandable that these organisations, along with landlords, would want to know that their condominium and block management firms are run professionally and provide adequate protection under both new and existing legislation.

List concerns real estate agents

Below are 34 headings that were recently affected. This list covers real estate agents, landlord service fees, and rental management of owned and leased properties. Some or all of these changes will have a significant impact on real estate companies and the maintenance and operation of leased and owned properties:

1.      Lease notices for landlords and property companies

2.      Changes in consultation procedures for real estate services and major works

3.      Advice on long-term contracts for landlords and landowners

4.      Service Fee Demands for Block Management Agents, Tenants and Landowners

5.      Management fees for real estate agents from landlords

6.      forfeiture for tenants

7.      Breaches of contract affecting landlords and tenants

8.      Legislation on asbestos real estate services

9.      working at height

10.  Risk assessments and real estate health and safety services

11.  Regulation of apartment block insurance by the FSA

12.  Taxation of trusts for service fee monies for management agents and residential property management companies

13.  Digital switching

14.  Authorization of wheel clamp and other security personnel for owner and lease companies

15.  Separate bank accounts for each home ownership scheme

16.  Prescribed bank statements for house service changes

17.  Independent certification of all utility bills

18.  Approval of multi-family dwellings (HMOs)

19.  Home information packs

20.  Fire protection for leasehold or condominium management companies

21.  Disability discrimination and property barrier management

22.  Electrical safety testing for apartment buildings and condominiums

23.  Water testing and legionella for community and community properties

24.  Gas security for common and shared ownership services

25.  Hazardous substances in the common areas and at the workplace

26.  Rules for Appointing Contractors for Real Estate and Estate Management Organizations

27.  Elevators, elevators and their regulation and block maintenance

28.  Health and safety planning for all property and leasehold maintenance work

29.  Data protection for brokers and condominium management

30.  Money laundering for real estate agents and landlords

31.  No smoking in apartment blocks and communal facilities

32.  Disposal of electrical equipment affecting property managers and residential properties

33.  Health and Safety Offenses Act 2008 affecting management agents and residential property management

34.  Management services for residents of rental housing and apartments

Given the extensive list above, it is clear that professional advice should be sought to help tenants and landowners understand the implications of the above recent changes affecting land and lease management.

Comes to service fees

When it comes to ancillary costs, maintenance and the smooth operation of condominiums for multi-family houses or apartments, there is hardly anything more important than securing the services of a professional real estate agent. Professional expertise in property management fees and real estate services has proven extremely popular with time-pressed landlords, directors and lessees of property management companies. Please see the details below to learn more.

Residential property management

Block Management London Agents is a property management company providing residential property management services for blocks of flats, apartments and private lots. VFM is property management agent for landlords, developers, landowners and tenants across London and the South East.