Big walls can be a lot tricky to decorate.

While there are plenty of guides and inspiring ideas for Residential Interior Design in Mumbai. With a large wall, it's often one wall that's exceptionally wide or exceptionally tall. The challenge is to make it feel fully decorated either way, which often means investing in large pieces of art and decor or creating a gallery wall without breaking the bank. On the other hand, a long wall often runs the length of a room or multiple living spaces. Which requires more planning like should art go in the middle of the wall or closer to the edges? Does a gallery wall make sense on a big wall? How can the wall decor look cohesive across different spaces?

All this is to say, that decorating a big wall by the best interior designers in Mumbai, gives a very versatile look. To provide some inspiration and guidance, here are our best items of furniture and wall ideas for outfitting long walls in every type of room. 


Long Wall in Residential Interior Design in Mumbai 


The first idea is to use your long living room wall for storage and display. This is a great idea if you're not using the living space for TV watching, or you have a better spot for it on the opposite side of the room. 

  • Choose the Place: Depending on the style of storage pieces you prefer, it can set the visual tone for the rest of your long walls. We suggest two large open bookcases on either end of the wall for a storage setup with a balanced, spacious look. 

  • Layer in accents: With proper bookcases and large-scale art as your wall decor, if you add colorful objects then it will bring life to the wall of your Commercial Interior Designs. It could be a statement photograph, painting, or any oversized artwork centered between the bookshelves that will help round out the look and feel of your long wall of the Office Interior space. 

  • With Art: Even out the large-scale storage bookcases with some classic creative art style. A statement photograph or a quote or any oversized artwork centered between the bookshelves will help round out the appearance and feel of your long wall.  

Narrow Bedroom Interior Design in Mumbai with a Longwall 


If your bed is positioned parallel to the long wall, you'll need to consider it a walkway versus space for furniture and decor. So, it's more about optimizing the vertical space here.  

  • Put art series: You can opt for a gallery wall hung high up here, but we also love the look of a series of coordinating art arranged in a row just above eye level. Consider a trio of paintings that are evenly placed along wall, which will draw the eye and keep the focus unmoving.


Think about the Eye Level: The key here is to start with wall decor that frees up the bottom half of the wall so that it keeps the walkway looking and feeling open.