Gallery 88 Getting Recognition As The Best Art Gallery Of Miami
Gallery 88 Getting Recognition As The Best Art Gallery Of Miami
Looking for Best Galleries in Miami. Gallery88miami is the Best Fine Art Galleries in Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami Florida.

Gallery 88 has long been synonymous with art of all genres and cultural shows. It has achieved recognition by being the most successful Art Gallery, not only in Miami, but in Florida from hosting fascinating seminars to organising creative exhibits of global excellence. 

Gallery 88 is focused on the growth of art and culture and brings it to an all-new creative paradigm. It is also one of the best galleries in Miami and in recent times it has developed a landmark as an artistic centre for innovative, academic and cultural events. Recently, a fascinating art show was held by the Art Museum, where no shows were for sale.This show focuses on some of the gallery's best portraits and art pieces from the last 10 years. 

The exhibitions showed the artists' imaginative thinking and artistic finesse. This art gallery, besides exhibits, has a variety of activities of creative and artistic significance in the pursuit of raising the stature of Art and culture in Miami. These activities are a nice way to connect the audience like insightful thinkers to the gallery. 

Today it has become a brand connected to unique exquisite exhibits of art and culture and immersive, innovative exhibitions.This art gallery caters for any cultural attraction of the city from the acquisition and storage of interesting museum objects and the holding of academic programmes. 

About Gallery88

We represent artists that are unique in nature and represent the Gallery 88 mantra "Art is Love, Love is an Art". At Gallery 88, we are inspired to share an expression of enlightenment, passion and spirituality in our perennial wisdom. The wisdom holding this sacred language: the exchange of what we create and your soul experiences. 

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Address: 237 20th St Suite C

Miami Beach FL 33139

Phone No: (305)397-8098