What is Samadhi - Yoga School in Rishikesh - Sanskar Yoga Shala
What is Samadhi - Yoga School in Rishikesh - Sanskar Yoga Shala
This is traditional Yoga Ashram here the way of teaching is Spiritual so that you can enhance your spiritual knowledge.

What is Samadhi - Yoga School in Rishikesh - Sanskar Yoga Shala

Samadhi is such a subtle state of chitta (mind stuff) and intellect asbrings face-to-face the subtle and essential nature of objects by analyzingthem. In this knowledge there is no possibility of doubt, wrong or pervertedknowledge or imagination. By the discourse of the sages in scriptures.

Only general knowledge of an object can be gained, but the special knowledgeattained by Samadhi is beyond the grasp of the senses and is the means ofattaining. Moksha or liberation. By showing this super sensual knowledge theSamadhi-s takes one to the very gate of moksha.

Both the samkhya and the yoga schools of philosophy consider Alinga prakriti(non-manifest nature) to be the balanced state of the three guna-s (sattwa,rajas and tamas-purity, passion, inertia) and all objects of the world, beingevolved from prakriti, have the nature of the three guna-s (qulitities).

knowledge of the objects is also in accordance with the three guna-s, thereforechitta and Buddhi (mind –stuff and intellect) are expression of the threeguna-s and demonstrate cause and effect. But they are unable to show atman orchetna tattwa (the conscious principle) directly. Thus these Samadhi-s too arespecial expression of three Guna-s because they are all states of mind –stuffand intellect which consist of the three Guna-s. therefore, according to thepredominating Guna in the chitta and Buddhi(mind-stuff and intellect), Samadhiis also associated with the same guna.


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