Crystal Structure and Applications of Phosphorus Pentachloride
Crystal Structure and Applications of Phosphorus Pentachloride
In gaseous and liquid states, phosphorus pentachloride hybridization is sp3d, with a trigonal bipyramidal geometry. It has three equatorial PCl bonds and two axial PCl bonds

What is the chemical formula for phosphorus pentachloride?

When heat energy is released, phosphorus pentachloride is a crystalline greenish-yellow material that is dissolved by water into hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. It can also be made by reacting phosphorus trichloride with dry chlorine. Phosphorus pentachloride has the chemical formula PCl5. It exists as PCl4+ PCl6 in solid state.

In the presence of phosphorus trichloride or chlorine gas, phosphorus pentachloride vaporises without dissociation. The presence of the product shifts the dissociation equilibrium to the left.

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