Whatsapp Marketing: Guide to a Successful WhatsApp Campaign
Whatsapp Marketing: Guide to a Successful WhatsApp Campaign
WhatsApp marketing is one way of doing message-based marketing. Using the Whatsapp mobile app network, you can reach unlimited customers and an audience. This network helps in building strong relations with your target customer straight in their mobile inbox with high open rates. With this futuristic marketing strategy, businesses are in touch with their customer consistently and building their brand value.

Does your email campaign fail? Consider WhatsApp marketing, the type of instant messenger marketing that helps businesses reach a wider audience, make a personal connection with customers and ultimately increase sales. We will show you how to use WhatsApp Marketing, along with several examples of successful WhatsApp campaigns.



Marketing on WhatsApp vs. Traditional method


The typical marketing strategy involves several touch points to involve prospects and eventually turn them into customers. Traditionally, this starts with advertising. The business then aims to get prospect contact information to continue marketing via email.


The most common example is when a prospect chooses to enter the bulletin or click on ads and enter their email address to get something like a discount. Business can then contact further prospects to maintain their interests and encourage them towards purchases.


Email marketing vs. WhatsApp marketing

However, people continue to be bombarded with email now. Most promotional emails sit in an unread or lowered inbox to the spam folder. Therefore, email has an open rate of around 15%; 85% of people who receive your email will not even see it.


In fact, people use fewer emails for general communication; Instant message is the future. And where most people order? What is it! With more than 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most popular message application.


The benefits of using whatsapp marketing


WhatsApp marketing has many benefits for any size business. If your customers use WhatsApp, you have to reach them there. Here are some of the reasons:


First, WhatsApp marketing proactively reaches prospects where they spend most of their time. Unlike most messaging applications, WhatsApp allows you to start a conversation with contacts that choose to hear from you.


This is also a cost -effective. WhatsApp business application is free, so it's good for small businesses with a limited budget. A larger business needs to use WhatsApp Business API, which is more expensive but has a good return. We will discuss this option further later.


WhatsApp marketing spurred prospects to take action with an interactive reply button or message list. Automation can also be used to facilitate conversations with realistic personality, as in the example of the Maggi Chef Campaign, which we will discuss later.


Finally, WhatsApp has a multipurpose application through full marketing funnel. Use the WhatsApp link in a click-to-talk ad and a lead making campaign to get contacts; Then use it as a re -marketing tool to inform prospects about promotion and encourage repeated purchases.


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