The cell therapy manufacturing market - "Roots Analysis"
The cell therapy manufacturing market - "Roots Analysis"
Manufacturing cell therapies is technically and financially demanding; as a result, despite therapy developers gradually strengthening their in-house expertise, they are also becoming increasingly reliant on contract service providers

Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recentstudy, titled, “Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market (3rd Edition),2019 - 2030.


The report features an extensive study of the currentmarket landscape and future opportunities associated with cell therapymanufacturing. It focuses on both contract manufacturers, as well as developerswith in-house manufacturing facilities, offering in-depth analyses of thevarious business entities that are engaged in this domain, across differentglobal regions. Amongst other elements, the report includes:

§ An analysis of the various expansion initiatives undertakenby service providers, in order to augment their respective cell therapymanufacturing capabilities, over the period 2015-2019.

§ An analysis of the recent partnerships focused on themanufacturing of cell-based therapies, which have been established in theperiod 2014-2019.

§ Informed estimates of the annual commercial and clinicaldemand for cell therapies, in terms of number of cells produced and areadedicated to manufacturing.

§ An estimate of the overall, installed capacity formanufacturing cell-based therapies based on information reported by industrystakeholders in the public domain A competitiveness analysis of biologicaltargets, featuring insightful pictorial summaries and representations.

§ A detailed analysis of the various factors that are likelyto influence the pricing of cell-based therapies, featuring different models /approaches that may be adopted by manufacturers while deciding the prices oftheir proprietary offerings.

§ A qualitativeanalysis, highlighting the various factors that need to be taken intoconsideration by cell therapy developers while deciding whether to manufacturetheir respective products in-house or engage the services of a CMO.

§ An elaborate discussion on the role of automationtechnologies in improving current manufacturing methods.

§ A discussion on celltherapy manufacturing regulations across various geographies, including NorthAmerica, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

§ Elaborate profiles of key players (industry andnon-industry) that offer contract manufacturing services.

§ A discussion on affiliated trends, key drivers andchallenges, which are likely to impact the industry’s evolution, under acomprehensive SWOT framework.

§ A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of thecurrent and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listedbelow)

§  Typeof therapy

§  T-celltherapies (CAR-T therapies, TCR therapies, TIL therapies)

§  Dendriticcell therapies

§  Tumorcell therapies

§  NKcell therapies

§  Stemcell therapies


§ Source of cells

§ Autologous

§ Allogeneic


§  Scaleof operation

§ Clinical

§ Commercial


§  Purposeof manufacturing

§ Contract manufacturing

§ In-house manufacturing


§  Keygeographical regions

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia Pacific

§  Rest of the world


Keycompanies covered in the report

§ BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services

§ Cell Therapies

§ Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

§ Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College ofMedicine

§ Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland, National Universityof Ireland

§ Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility, Universityof Pennsylvania

§ Cognate BioServices


§ Guy’s and St. Thomas’ GMP Facility, Guy’s Hospital

§ Hitachi Chemical

§ KBI Biopharma

§ Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine, Stanford University

§ Lonza

§ MaSTherCell


§ Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, University ofMinnesota

§ Newcastle Cellular Therapies Facility, Newcastle University

§ Nikon CeLL innovation

§ Rayne Cell Therapy Suite, King’s College London

§ Roslin Cell Therapies

§ Scottish National Blood Transfusion Services CellularTherapy Facility, Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine

§ Sydney Cell and Gene Therapy

§ WuXi Advanced Therapies


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