The Best Approach Towards Kids Nutrition And Immunity
The Best Approach Towards Kids  Nutrition And Immunity
What is one of the leading concerns of almost all mothers? How to ensure a healthy diet for their kids? These times of Covid-19 have made moms even more paranoid about their kids’ health and immunity. Many parents are approaching Addlife nowadays, asking how they can build immunity in their kids.

Tips To Ensure Proper Nutrition For Kids

All the parents should know and understand the importance of the first 1800 days in the lives of their children. The first 1000 days are crucial for the organ development of children and the first 1800 days govern the brain development in kids. These tips by Luna Jaiswal Dietician in India will help your child to get full nutrition. Proper nutrition these days will help your kids develop healthy organs in their bodies, securing their future with good health. Therefore, include a nutritious diet in the initial days and enhance their in-built immunity.

  • Certain vegetables like parwal, aloo, bhindi, saag, etc. should only be cooked in iron kadai or Lohe ki Kadhai. Why? Because iron is important to boost blood volume in kids. Also, do not forget to include foods rich in Vitamin C. They will help in the effective absorption of iron in your kids’ bodies.
  • Millets are your kids’ best friends. They will help your child form a healthy gut and help in the growth of their organs. There are 8 millets of Indian origin. Try to include them in your kids’ diet. Always try to use Indian-origin millets as they are gut-friendly and enriched with various nutrients. Certain millets such as Ragi can be given to kids even when they are only 6 months old. The other millets can be given when they are 1-1.25 years old.
  • Remember to keep changing pulses every now and then. All pulses have a specific set of nutrients and all of them are equally important for the kids. Also, remember the rule of pulses: Soak, Throw, Use! Soak them in the water for some time, then throw the water and then use them.
  • Serve your kids almonds every morning. Almonds help to develop and grow their bones. They are also highly effective in boosting immunity and strengthening the digestive system of your children. The best way to have almonds is after soaking them overnight.
  • Always set the curd at home. Do not use store-made curds. You are what you digest. Serve your little ones fresh and unprocessed foods.
  • Add diversity to your children’s diet. Give them seasonal fruits rich in nutritional value. They will help to strengthen their gut and assimilate food better. What you give your kids will define their future for a long time!

Include healthy eating habits in your kids. Always ask your kids to eat in an althi-palthi or cross-legged sitting position. It will help to boost digestion and absorption of nutrients in their bodies.

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