How far can one go in love?
How far can YOU go?
Do you really need to go that far?
What if you didn’t go?
These are just few questions one can ask to gauge what love can be or how one perceives love to be. There are many twisted definitions of love. You can Google them and be lost – honestly. In reality, it is not as complicated as it seems to be.

When we know we love something, why does it have to take up so much effort to get to that something? Because we are either obsessing over it or do not believe that we can get that something so easily. In essence, it is easily translated to ‘The more you love something is directly proportional to the amount of effort you need to invest’.

This is not the whole truth. The bare truth, if I may say so, is that we are all operating from a space of need. Now, how did this space create itself in the first place? It seeded from a place of not having enough.

So, it turns out something like this: Me not having enough of ‘that’ = I need it more.

And, have we ever stepped back to think, why don’t we have enough, that which we need? You might want to think now, before you gaze through the next line!

The underlying emotion to all things we need is scarcity. Simply put, why would you need more if you were satisfied or wholesome with what you already had, right? That’s your cue. We have such deep-seated scarcity in all of us, that we are on a constant chase to fill the void, that need, to reach that never ending goalpost. This is how we have been conditioned since eons. You get to a certain manageable or achievable point, enjoy/brood the feeling momentarily and you strive for more, thus the cycle continues. This isn’t anything to do with being ambitious or otherwise. We tend to be ambitious only because we need to get better than what we were with respect to all areas of our waking lives. Nothing wrong with that. But, does that need arise from a place of scarcity or abundance, will answer the above question!

In this ‘corporate rat race’,‘dog eat dog world’, some of you might frown upon and think how can I become complacent and let things pass by, like it doesn’t matter to me while it goes about No one is asking you to become complacent! As simple as anawareness of where this need is springing from is enough for a major shift, within. We are not conditioned to become our best selves overnight, just after reading some good content on the internet or any book or by having a couple of good conversations with a fellow wise human. It takes tons of self-effort, I repeat – tons of self-effort, to make that shift. It takes courage to step into your own shoes (for the first time ever in a better sense) and ask few important questions. Read more....