5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Rapidly in 2022
5 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Rapidly in 2022
If you have an opinion to voice or a passion they'd like to make money from, YouTube is a fantastic way.

Not only do the most prominent YouTubers make a decent income from YouTube's partnership program and other partnerships, but you also receive companies and brands who are looking to collaborate with you.


Beginning with YouTube is easy. All you require is a camera of one type and the internet. But, growing on YouTube is not as simple as it appears. With the growing competition on YouTube, it can be challenging to be noticed by the right audience.


Seven hundred twenty thousand hours of content is uploaded to YouTube each day. It's simple to find newly uploaded videos flooded with other videos on YouTube.

All in all, it is certainly possible.

In reality, there are hundreds or thousands of successful stories being made right now, which is an ideal time to start your YouTube career.

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Let's begin.

Niche down

Ali Abdaal, one of the most popular personal business and finance YouTubers, began making videos for medical students.

As a student at a university, He was aware of the difficulties medical students face, and he decided to develop content specifically for medical students.

The growth was rapid at the beginning of my YouTube career.

One of the most efficient methods to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel is by cutting down the quality of your content by a focus on creating content that is targeted to a particular segment of viewers.

If you're a fan of gaming, choose games you like to play and develop content around it.

If you'd like to get even more specific, you could opt to create content specifically for a particular game and for a specific player.

They could be beginner professionals, intermediates individuals who speak various languages, for instance, Spanish and others.

The reason that cutting into the quality of your content is so effective is that you can explain to YouTube precisely what your channel's purpose is.

This makes it easier to showcase the right content to the correct group of people, the ones that are most likely to be engaged with and like video content.

If you continue to create content about a particular area, you'll develop an intimate, close-knit, and active community that continues to help both you and your content.

It's much more difficult to make content that anyone on the YouTube platform can enjoy (unless you're Mr. Beast). Therefore, it's better to concentrate on one particular topic at first.

When I first launched my YouTube channel seven-year years ago, I began making gaming-related videos. Call of Duty was the main content of my channel, but in the last few months (previous year), I started making financial videos.


Once you've started growing your followers, you can begin to different channels on various topics or make it easier by uploading multiple types of videos.

Call to Actions

The following point is easy, but many people do not think about it.

When you upload a new video, it is crucial to inform your viewers what you want them to do in the video.

For example, at the beginning of my articles, I might invite my readers - like you, to join my Discord server.

Similar to the last paragraph of this article, I will send you further reminders to subscribe, join the NFT Discord group, and be a part of my Quora group.

Your viewers, or your audience, are more likely to follow you or like your videos when they're directed to do it.

YouTube is designed to keep users engaged by recommending videos that they might find appealing to them.

This almost-autonomous algorithm ensures that people are more concentrated on watching the video than doing other things, so it's more effective than reminding them that they should sign up for the channel and like this video.

Research shows that a straightforward call to action can improve your conversions by 83%. This is nearly doubling your conversion rates overall.

Although this research was performed for eCommerce and websites companies, it is possible to expect similarly positive results for YouTube videos.

There's no reason not to include a call to action within your film.

Several YouTubers have made their call to action more compelling and engaging. One channel by REBOUND seamlessly integrates their call to step into the videos, thereby making their conversion rates even more significant.

Enhance the quality of your YouTube videos


If you're beginning to learn about YouTube, it's possible that you don't know much about the ways that the YouTube algorithm operates.

The YouTube algorithm operates in a similar manner similar to SEO in that YouTube is a search engine for video content.

You can improve your videos to rank highly on YouTube's search results and appear for more significant numbers of users under their "suggestions."

First, make sure that you have a good thumbnail. You can use the Canva program to create a basic thumbnail for no cost.

It should stand apart from similar videos.

Apart from the thumbnail, many people are inclined to go through the title. A good thumbnail will tell viewers precisely what the film is about, but the title will help in securing the click.

If the thumbnail is attractive, the title is the primary reason why people click the link to watch the video.

But, the goal of the name goes beyond the goal of increasing your overall CTR (click-through rate).

In the beginning, make sure you include keywords relevant to the video in the title.

This will let YouTube's algorithm recognize the content of your video and then show it to the appropriate people.

The title and thumbnail aren't enough for you to create a detailed, thorough description of the events in your video and provide viewers a reason to view.

Underneath, include your social hyperlinks to increase your online presence through other platforms.

I recommend downloading an extension for Chrome such as VidIQ, a platform that allows you to improve the quality of your YouTube videos by providing you with the most effective hashtags and shedding light on rival videos.

Each YouTube video you post will be tagged with an SEO Score ranked out of 100. They'll provide you with an outline of steps to achieve the 100-point mark.

Tools like VidIQ help make it simple to optimize your YouTube videos. For those new to the game, I suggest using their free program to start with some momentum.

There's much more to making a fantastic YouTube video optimized to the YouTube algorithm. However, these are the fundamentals to get you to create higher-quality, more engaging videos.

Upload your content

Most times, YouTube alone is not enough to increase the reach of your YouTube channel.

View "velocity" is a factor YouTube (and the other social media platforms) will consider in determining which videos are likely to be made in the viral category.

View velocity is, in essence, the number of subscribers who view the video as soon as the video has been released.

It is also a factor in the total views and engagement that a video may receive in a short period.

The more a video performs quickly after being uploaded and uploaded, the more YouTube can assist you in pushing it to the appropriate people.

In the final analysis, YouTube tries to present users with videos that they'll like to ensure they keep their interest. If an article is well-made, it's more likely to keep viewers interested, and they'll also aid you in sharing the video.

One effective method to gain views and engagement with your content can be to get users to turn on notifications after uploading.