UK’S Beverage Consumption Behaviour
UK’S Beverage Consumption Behaviour
Food Research Lab is an expert in Beverage product development and analyses beverage consumption behaviour of UK

UK’S Beverage Consumption Behaviour


There’s no reason to believe that drinking habits are set in stone. According to the evidence, they move in response to societal attitudes, marketing, and regulation changes. However, Beverage consultants say that these changes vary across society. 


What Drinks Are Consumed By Brits Predominantly?

·        Tea

·        Malt Drinks

·        Squash

·        Ales and Beers

·        Cider

·        Martini

·        Cocktail


Growing Concerns in UK’s Beverage Sector


The impact of promotional offers on influencing and shifting eating tastes toward less healthful beverages has been an increasing source of worry. According to evidence, promotions successfully influence purchases, but they are highly skewed toward less nutritious selections. We spend about 20% more due to volume price promotions, and location promotions frequently result in pester power from children.

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