How to Prepare Your Kids for Natural Emergencies
How to Prepare Your Kids for Natural Emergencies
Sometimes, it can be tough to get kids on board with emergency preparedness plans. Boredom and lack of interest can stop a plan dead in its tracks. Make your survival plans kid-friendly. To help prepare children for disasters, make sure your plans are simple and easy for them to follow. Keep essentials, like emergency food kits, easy to find and practice your plans in fun ways. Soon, they will feel prepared for anything.

It can be hard to prepare your children for a natural emergency. Kids might not have the attention span to memorize disaster plans. Still, it is important to make the process easy for them. If disaster strikes, you don’t want to have to worry about young children getting lost or scared. Training them to operate a mini generator can be hard, so leave the complex tasks for the adults. Make your plans simple, easy, and fun so they want to memorize the details. Use these tips to help prepare your kids for the possibility of an emergency.

Make a Step-By-Step Plan

A step-by-step plan that is easy to teach can be easy for kids to understand. They don’t need to hear about every different possibility. Tell them exactly what to do in a specific situation, and make it simple to follow the plan. If the lights go off during a power outage, tell them they need to sit in place and start counting. They should know where their prep bag is and grab it if there is flooding. In case of a blizzard, they should immediately go inside and collect blankets in the living room. Simple goals make plans easy to follow. If they can follow your plan, they are more likely to take an interest and memorize it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Regardless of your child’s age, you should practice your plan with them. You can even turn practice into a game for younger children. Kids love games and will memorize the order of things better if there is a reward at the end. Reward them every time they can tell you where the survival bags are. Time them to see how fast they can close and lock all the windows and doors in your home. You might practice monthly for the smaller procedures and yearly for larger dry runs. They will feel prepared for anything in no time.

Have a Bag Prepped for Your Kids

Prepare your emergency bags beforehand. Trying to have your kids pack it themselves in a real emergency can be stressful. Emergency bags have long shelf lives. With long-lasting survival food and solar flashlights, a go-bag can stay good for years. Teach your child about every item in the bag and how to use it. Then, put the bag in a memorable, easy-to-reach spot. You can practice telling them to get their bag when they don’t expect it. After a few times, they will remember where the bag is.

Make the Food Fun and Tasty

The more fun you make emergency preparedness, the easier it is for kids to remember the plan. That is especially true for mealtime. What kid won’t want to eat delicious mac & cheese as their survival meals? Country griddle breakfast and freeze-dried chicken are better than bland emergency rations. High-quality survival meals help your whole family survive. Make tasty meals that get your kids excited, and you can all stay safe.

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