GDC Spices
GDC Spices
Spices grinding and packaging is our latest endeavour where we provide best quality amongst peers. Our brand and business is based on trust of our loyal dealers and retailers. We started out with a single objective of providing premium quality at reasonable rates to traders. And we still travel the same path. Cut on costs, pass on to dealers.

Warm up your winters with Our Spices

When the cold weather strikes, the urge for having something warm increases to keep yourselves warm. Did you ever notice that all the warm things you consume contain spices? If not then please do.

 Indian spices have always played a vital role in everyday life. While you all have always been a fan of its flavour and aroma these spices are just wow when they are 100% natural just like GDC Spices, which are handpicked and come in quality packaging. From uplifting mood with snacks to settle your stomach in summers or from being a cure for injuries to make you feel comfy in chilli winters, Spices of India have made a very crucial place in our lives.


 And when we are talking about warming you up in the winters how can we forget chillies. Let's find out how chillies can make you feel warm.

 Chilli Powder not only gives your food an erotic colour but also adds comforting aromas. They also may have a warming effect on the body. Ever wondered why you start sweating after consuming spicy food?  Our body naturally produces heat when it digests pepper. You can easily add this spice to soups and salads that you consume daily. Try our Chilli powder that comes in two different flavours – moderate spicy and very spicy.

Turmeric as we all know is a medicinal herb that is best suited for winter. People in the north prepare “Haldi ki Sabzi” as it is called in Rajasthan, to keep themselves warm. Curcumin in turmeric helps in keeping you warm and also in loose weight journey.The body releases a lot of energy while digesting curcumin, which helps keep it warm. The best way to consume turmeric is having Golden Milk.Just mix it with a glass of warm milk and drink it in the morning or night. You can also have turmeric tea that will keep you warm and help you increase immunity at the same time.


 Conclusion: Whatever the weather is, Indian spices will be at the heart of our kitchen, keeping us healthy always. We are Natural Spices Suppliers in Jaipur and are known for our natural taste and affordable prices. Contact Us for Spices at the best price in Jaipur