Food Delivery in Train: Enjoy the Best Monsoon Dishes from RailRestro
Food Delivery in Train: Enjoy the Best Monsoon Dishes from RailRestro
If you travel by train during monsoons, you always crave something hot and spicy meals. In the cool and breezy weather, or, on a rainy day, nothing beats a sizzling hot plate of Pakodas, Samosa, Kachori, or the fiery and crispy dishes.

Food Delivery in Train: Enjoy the Best Monsoon Dishes from RailRestro

If you travel by train during monsoons, you always crave something hot and spicy meals. In the cool and breezy weather, or, on a rainy day, nothing beats a sizzling hot plate of Pakodas, Samosa, Kachori, or the fiery and crispy dishes.

But the question is how you can get monsoon special food delivery in train and what are the popular monsoon dishes to relish while travelling. Pakoras sold on platforms and by station side vendors may look delicious, but it is unhygienic and unsafe for consumption. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a train food app RailRestro that offers hot, delicious, hygienic, and amazing varieties of foods onboard.

Following is a list of the most loved monsoon foods you can easily order in train using the RailRestro App.

Delicious Rainy Season Dishes To Order in Train From RailRestro

When monsoons come, how can snacks be far behind? Snacks during the monsoon are the best partners. We have listed down the snacks that you can order through the food in train app. Also, you will get an idea of which services you should refer to while looking to order food in train.

  1. Pakodas with Tea

    Fritters or pakodas are an absolute favourite during the rainy season. You may crave homemade pakodas while travelling by train during this beautiful season. You will not be disappointed because RailRestro App offers varieties of pakoras to select from its menu, and its delivery in train is made right to your seat. How can tea be avoided once you select piping-hot pakodas (fritters) from the list of food items? It will give you a special feel of enjoying tea with pakodas while watching the rain outside the train windowpane.

  2. Aloo Parantha with Curd

    Aloo parantha is made with potatoes and is a popular North Indian dish but is loved all over India. Curd with aloo parathas is a delightful combo and is the best partner during train journeys. Butter over the hot parathas dipped in a tangy card will leave you mouth-watering, that is why people choose this meal during monsoons. You can order it comfortably through the food delivery on train app, RailRestro.

  3. Hing Kachodi with Sabzi

    Another delectable option, kachori, is something you can look forward to while embarking on a train journey, especially during monsoons. With a thick crust and masala filling, it is an absolute go-to for people looking for something exciting to have on the train. Hing, which has a pungent smell, is a savoury enhancer and works well with kachoris when added to dishes. When ordering food on the train, choose hing kachori with sabzi when you wish for a filling snack.

  4. Soup with Bread Crunchies

    If you are a person who gets chills during monsoons or gets easily caught up by cold and cough, the soup will be the perfect plan to keep you warm and going. However, this item is not just for reviving someone from cold or health issues. It is equally amazing in flavour and can be opted as a starter along with bread crunchies. People who are non-vegetarians can choose chicken soup. Apart from non-vegetarian options, there are also soup choices for vegetarians, which include tomato soup, sweet corn soup etc.

  5. Gulab Jamun

    One cannot fail to think of gulab jamuns while ordering food on train during monsoons. Gulab jamun is the perfect sweet delicacy that people crave anywhere and anytime, whether on the train or at home. One criterion that should always be fulfilled is that the gulab jamun must be hot when delivered because this particular sweetmeat can only disperse its flavour very well when vapours emerge from it. Gorge on gulab jamun with friends and family while on a train trip by ordering it from the best food delivery in train partner.

  6. Momo (Steamed and Fried)

    Steamed and fried momos are the ultimate monsoon food. The steaming hot momos are accompanied by a fiery chutney and come with a bowl of flavorful soup; what more could anyone want for a happy stomach? You can gracefully order both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Momo while train by train from top restaurants offered by food in train app.

  7. Dahi Vada

    Someone looking for a mixture of a sweet, tangy and salty recipe when you have to order food in train can opt for Dahi vada. Dahi vada, which is North Indian street food, are lentil fritters that are poured with curd and sweet chutney and are lip-smacking. There is a burst of flavours when one takes a bite of Dahi vada, making it unsharable.

  8. Samosa

    It is a deep-fried dish with delectable potato filling. While you really don't need an excuse to indulge in this popular snack, but rainy season is certainly accompanied by hot samosa. Don't look for this food item in a local shop. Order it from IRCTC e-catering partner, and your samosa will be delivered right to your train seat using e-catering partners.

  9. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cutlets

    Vegetarian cutlets are crispy snacks that are made with veggies, and non-vegetarian cutlets include mostly fish cutlets. Simply looking down the menu will make you hanker for this tasty snack and help you to order food in train.

  10. Noodles

    If you love Chinese preparations, you can surely order Noodles. Hakka or schezwan, name it to the catering service, and your noodles will be delivered to you right at your train seat. It is also a great option for kids.

Why Choose RailRestro For Food Delivery In Train?

RailRestro is a reputed IRCTC e-catering Partner that provides food delivery in train services with its FSSAI approved restaurants. It has been rated 4.6 by verified customers who have previously ordered food which builds trust among passengers to choose it to order your favourite foods. Apart from that, the safety measures that customers expect are duly followed, and there is an option of no-contact delivery via online payment. The appealing food items mentioned in this article are easily available and can be ordered through the following 4-step process:

  1. Install the RailRestro app or visit
  2. Enter your PNR no. or train no.
  3. Select the restaurants and choose food from the menu.
  4. Make payments online or go for COD (CASH ON DELIVERY).

Your food will be delivered to the seat you specified at your preferred station. 

To Wrap Up

These are the top 10 monsoon cuisines available by RailRestro. Take your pick from these delightful recipes, and make your rainy season trip a feast of delectable food. Visit the website or opt for the food in train app to add deliciousness to your journey.