Diet Plan to Get Rid of Migraine
Diet Plan to Get Rid of Migraine
D.T Luna Jaiswal the Best dietician in India suggests key foods that can alleviate migraines.
Diet Plan to Get Rid of Migraine

Anyone who has ever suffered from migraines knows that it is difficult to describe the horrible throbbing headaches that can last up to three days. Migraine Research Foundation estimates that one billion people worldwide suffer from migraine attacks. This makes it the third most common condition and the most prevalent neurological condition. The condition is not curable.

Certain foods can provide immediate relief if they are included in the patient’s diet. D.T Luna Jaiswal the Best dietician in India suggests key foods that can alleviate migraines.

A glass ginger lemon water

Ginger lemon drink, i.e. One glass of water with 1 inch grated ginger and one tablespoon lemon juice mixed with the leaves and herbs of ginger makes a great natural detox drink. It can help you lose weight, improve your digestion, and reduce inflammation.

A glass cumin cinnamon water

Second Hack suggested by Best dietician in Lucknow, India Luna Jaiswal: Cinnamon and cumin are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory spices. They can help with weight loss, diabetes, and improve the immune system. These spices can also help with migraine pain. Boil one glass of water to make the drink. To this, add a teaspoonful of cumin seeds and 1 inch of cinnamon stick. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and serve it warm.

Broccoli to Treat Menstrual Migraine

Third suggestion by the Best dietician in India Luna Jaiswal:Many migraines are caused by a drop in estrogen levels in female patients before menstruation. This type of migraine is common in women who eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. * Phytoestrogens are hormonally active compounds found in cruciferous vegetables that can cause estrogenic or estrogen-like effects in humans.

Spinach, leafy vegetables

Numerous scientific studies, including those conducted by the Association of Migraine Disorders**, have shown that migraine sufferers often have low brain magnesium levels. The regular intake of magnesium supplements can provide pain relief. Magnesium-rich spinach can be a great option for migraine.

These are some food key foods that can alleviate migraines suggested by D.T Luna Jaiswal the Best dietician in Lucknow, India.