5 Food Tips for The Ultimate Tailgate Party
5 Food Tips for The Ultimate Tailgate Party
You’ve got the Rams tickets, you know where you are tailgating, but have you packed everything? Did you remember to pack the condiments and spices in a toolbox for easy access? Is your cooler optimized for space? These are the top five tips and tricks to know for the ultimate tailgate cooking experience. From spending more time eating and partying to keeping cleanup to a minimum, check these out.

Are you planning the ultimate tailgate party? All you need are your Raiders season tickets, your grill, and your food, and you’re ready to pregame with your friends and fellow fans. With that in mind, the last thing you need is stress about what to pack, how to handle dishes and other housekeeping items. Here are some tricks to make your tailgate party as easy and fun as possible so you can spend less time worrying and more time partying.

Do the Prep Work

It’s crucial you do as much prep work as possible beforehand. If you don’t, you might spend the entire tailgate chopping onions and mixing marinades. Skewer and marinate your kebabs ahead of time and let them marinate overnight. Before heading out, make your burger patties and pack them in sheets of wax paper. You will also want to have all the burger toppings sliced, sorted, and packed before you head out. Put simply, if you can do it at home, do it and avoid using your tailgate as a cutting board. With the right timing, you’ll be heading in before kickoff with a full belly and a clean tailgate area.

Pack the Cooler Properly

Packing a cooler might seem simple, but with the right strategy, you can keep your drinks and food colder for longer. Chill cans and bottles before putting them in the bottom of the cooler, which should already be clean. Then, add a layer of ice. Pack food in watertight, reusable containers, and put them on top of the ice layer. Any bagged items should also go on this layer, as long as the containers don’t crush them. Pack the cooler tight to reduce air space to keep the entire cooler colder.

Find Your Spot and Come Prepared for the Weather

Before you leave, check the weather. Invest in sun cover if you need it. You might need small heaters or wind protection. If it’s a clear, sunny day, all you need to worry about is finding your spot and ensuring you have your Panthers tickets and food station ready. Otherwise, layer the Panthers clothing items to support your team while keeping warm while you grill.

Keep a Toolbox of Essentials

Bring a toolbox in the back of your car and keep food essentials in it. Top compartments can hold tongs, can openers, spatulas and brushes, extra skewers, and toothpicks. The bigger middle compartments can hold things to clean up with, such as trash bags, paper towels, and wet wipes. The bottom drawer can hold condiments, spices, and seasonings. You might also consider using a six-pack holder to bring hot sauces.

Go for Bread Bowls and Other Trash Savers

If you want to have less cleanup, go for bread bowls. Whether it’s for soup or chili, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a bread bowl. By the same token, you can do nachos directly inside chip bags. You can also serve foods that you and your fellow tailgaters can just hold, saving you from having to clean up utensils.

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