4 Must-Haves If a Blizzard Knocks Out Your Power
4 Must-Haves If a Blizzard Knocks Out Your Power
A winter power outage can be a scary event. However, if you adequately prepare, you don’t need to worry. Make sure you know how you will power your essentials, keep the lights on, and stay warm. Dark nights and cold days are no match for solar flashlights and portable power generators. Keep these items in mind when prepping for winter storms, and you will sleep easier knowing you are prepared.

Winter power outages are scary. It can be hard to prepare for blizzards and temperatures that drop below zero. No power means no lighting, heating, or cooking. But with the right products, you can prepare yourself for freak winter storms. You might need to keep a solar generator on hand, but you will thank yourself. If you have a plan, you will be confident you can weather the storm. Stay safe and make sure your gear includes these items.

An Extra Light Source

If your power goes out in the winter, the threat of darkness becomes real. Winter storms can block out the sun. Winter days are short, and the sun sets quickly. Without power, a lack of light can become a problem. You won’t be able to see outside or make your way around your house. Batteries and battery-powered flashlights take up a lot of room. Candles are inconvenient and don’t provide much light. Instead, use solar flashlights to provide light. You can charge the flashlight in the day when the sun is out. At night, a tactical solar flashlight will help you safely move around. Use a solar flashlight to make sure you don’t run into walls and can find your gear.

A Way to Make Your Own Power

You can deal with a short power outage. But an extended power outage brings more problems. When the power outage stretches for days, you need to find a way to make your own power. It is important for heat, light, food, and any devices you need in an emergency. A solar panel generator can even save your life in situations where you lose power. Use the power of the sun to keep your fridge, freezer, and medical devices running. The best part is a solar panel generator doesn’t need gas. You can run it inside at night and charge it outside in the day.

Food to Prep Without Power

Survival meals are a good backup if your food spoils. Having a stock of non-perishable food on-hand is important. Winter power outages can last a few days, and your perishable food will go bad. Disaster-resistant food kits that are delicious and easy to prepare will keep you fed. Snow might keep you stuck inside, but at least you can stay warm with a bowl of sweet oatmeal.

A Way to Stay Warm

Warmth is important during a winter storm. When your power fails, heating systems go out. Keeping extra blankets and coats in your storage will help you stay warm when the temperatures drop. Another way to stay warm is to power space heaters with a solar generator. Unless you have a fireplace, lighting a fire inside isn’t a good idea. A space heater can solve this problem and give you the warmth you need to stay safe.

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