Travel Vlog
Travel Vlog
Hey there!
I am glad we met! I'm Rashmi Shetty, a travel vlogger and a full time corporate employee!

Hungry Local Adventurer

I’m Rashmi, and my dream is to live a happy life. Just happy. Born in a middle class family, I did not have a lot of options to choose from but I created new opportunities for myself. I took measured risks, believed in myself and stood up for the right things. That’s how you are happy right. I work at one of the top 3 finance companies in this world and would love to travel the world if I live for another 10 years. Growing up, I loved to challenge myself and continue to do so HUSTLE,WORK SMART & HARD. I miss the energy that I had in my early 20’s (not that I am old now, just 26). I love to talk, give positive advice,travel & explore new things. On Jan 1st 2020, I uploaded my first ever YouTube video!

CUBBON PARK - South Indian breakfast and shopping | Sunday morning | Bangalore city | First vlog |