The 4 Best Workouts to Do with a Gym Partner
The 4 Best Workouts to Do with a Gym Partner
Many workouts are better with a partner, and heading to the health club with your buddy is a fantastic way to spend part of your day. If you’re at one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer, you might even have access to a multi-station circuit that you can complete together in less than half an hour for a full-body workout.

What’s better than enjoying a solid workout at your favorite health club? Training with a partner! Many exercises are better with—or require the assistance of—a partner, and heading to the health club with your buddy is a fantastic way to spend part of your day. There are many amenities to enjoy with your friend, from hot tubs to BODYCOMBAT classes. Which is right for you and your workout partner? Here are a few workouts to try the next time you visit your favorite gym.

Cross-Training Workouts Keep Things Interesting

Cross-training is the best way to keep your workouts fun and exciting. Rather than strictly lifting weights or only doing cardio, you do a little bit of everything. When you cross-train, you get to enjoy a wide variety of movements and training styles. By cross-training, you and your partner get to work out a variety of different muscle groups. Plus, it means that both of you can hit your favorite exercise within the same routine at one of the best gyms Antioch has to offer. So, if you like to lift weights but your friend likes to turn up the burn on a stationary bike, you can do both! Go from cycling to lifting weights and end the session with some static stretches.

Get Pumped Up Together in Studio Fitness Workouts

If you’re looking for a guided workout you and your partner can enjoy, sign up for a studio fitness class. With structure and camaraderie, a studio fitness class provides excellent motivation and can help you both remain focused. Bootcamp workouts or high-intensity interval training at one of the best gyms in Victorville are great for achieving your fitness goals, or hit a cardio class for energizing music and a fun atmosphere. Studio fitness classes are just what you and your partner might need to get fit and have a blast doing it.

Try Out Circuit Workouts Together

Circuit workouts combine a variety of exercises to target muscular endurance and build strength all over. This series of timed exercises performed in sequence, with rest in between, targets different muscle groups. When tackling a circuit workout with a partner, you can inspire each other to keep up your intensity while watching each other’s form. Hopefully, your health club is one of the best gyms in Brentwood and offers a dedicated circuit training area. It should be full of different machines with a structured guide to help you get a full-body workout in 30 minutes or less.

Help Each Other Out with Exercises That Need a Spotter

Spotting one another in the weight room might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hitting the health club with a friend. There’s a good reason for that—having a reliable spotter is essential if you plan on pushing yourself while squatting or bench pressing. Spotting is a great way to build trust, and a good spotter can help you maintain correct form while providing the motivation you need to hit that new PR.

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