How to Include More Plyometrics Into Your Training
How to Include More Plyometrics Into Your Training
It’s time to experience the joys of plyometrics and see how they can level up your workout regimen. This form of exercise involves a range of jumping with maximum force and you’re going to need training footwear like black shoes that can support each burst. Try short intervals and change up your circuits to enhance your coordination, strength and overall performance. Here are four tips to get started.

Plyometrics is a popular form of exercise that involves a variety of jumps and short intervals of intense force. Burpees or jumping onto elevated surfaces are good examples of plyometric movements. It’s a quick and easy way to elevate your heart rate while enhancing a wide range of other skills. Performing these exercises regularly can provide numerous benefits, helping you increase coordination, strength, bone health and overall performance. It’s a no-brainer and easy to incorporate as you level up your training on multiple fronts. Lace up your black shoes for cross training and get started with these four tips.

Determine Your Goals and Workout Needs

Now that you know that plyometric exercises are a must, it’s time to add them to your routine. It’s best to work them in gradually and slowly increase duration, difficulty and intensity depending on your physical condition and needs. If you feel like you want to target your legs, add exercises like squat jumps and tuck jumps to work your lower body and test your cardio. Or, involve your arms with push-ups that include claps for an extra challenge. Maybe you’re working toward burning more calories or revving your metabolism and can use them in HIIT routines to focus on toning and cardiovascular health. Whatever your primary goal, chances are plyometric movements can help you achieve it.

Stay Equipped with High-Quality Footwear

As you kick up your plyometric efforts, be sure that your footwear can support the level of mobility and impact that comes with these movements. Try training shoes that use high-density foam with a stable outsole for a breathable and durable fit. The best cross training shoes will offer these features, providing stretch and support during each box jump or lunge. You can also try lightweight HIIT training shoes that hug at the upper for a locked-in fit to match your intensity. No matter what you pick, be sure the brand is well known for their innovative footwear.

Optimize Your Approach and Focus on Form

Don’t forget to add a warmup and cooldown to your plyometric circuits to transition your mind and body from one movement to the next. Your form is a key element to your routine and this type of exercise involves a high level of force. Along with your supportive footwear, stay upright and aligned to minimize the chance of injury even when you start to feel tired.

Stay Flexible with Athletic Leggings and Pants

Because plyometrics can be fast-paced and demanding on the body, your athletic attire should keep you cool and comfortable as you burst from sequence to sequence. Try adding womens workout leggings or mens track pants for a flexible fit that can keep you cool and light when jumping, sprinting or lunging. Add a performance shirt and innovative sports bra that adapts to your movements for a firmer fit during burpees. Match your athletic wear for an eye-catching ensemble that keeps you feeling confident as you take your training to the next level.

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