How to Bring the Past Back to Life with Your Athleisure Apparel
How to Bring the Past Back to Life with Your Athleisure Apparel
If you want to take a vintage approach to your athleisure apparel, there are ways to bring past eras to life in an eye-catching way. You can layer 90s windbreakers or legging shorts to create lively ensembles that can upgrade everything from your streetwear style to your workout wardrobe. It’s time to embrace the throwbacks and try athleisure styles from the past.

Athleisure apparel has become a staple for many, and there are ways to shake up your approach with retro styles that can help you embody classic styles. It’s time to get creative with your look and expand your approach with a little help from past eras like the 80s and 90s. Athleisure is more a hybrid trend that involves wearing clothes that are typically worn for athletic activities. It can also double as statement pieces in the workplace, at school and during other occasions. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, so try rocking the retro or vintage designs from your favorite footwear and apparel brand.

Add a Striking Outer Layer From the 90s

One easy way to level up your athleisure is to add an outer layer that mimics past trends. You might try calling back to track jackets for an 80s look or wear 90s windbreakers that give you a chic, timeless touch. Be sure that they are functional for warmth and style, and they can hold your essentials as you head to the gym or work. Or, add a casual crewneck to your warmup or streetwear style from a reputable brand that’s known for their high-quality designs and materials.

Pick Athletic Leggings and Track Pants for 80s Looks

Athleisure apparel often utilizes styles like joggers, track pants and athletic leggings that can help you make a statement and highlight past eras in your wardrobe. For the 80s, that meant bold colors and group exercise. That’s why Live About says wearing a striking print is the way to go if you want to feel the energy of this era. Consider vibrant colors or patterns that are made of breathable and stretchy materials to support your performance and add comfort to a throwback jazzercise class or a day of lounging around the house.

Lace Up Your Vintage-Styled Footwear

Your footwear can set the tone for your athleisure look, and there are different ways you can support your stride with styles from the past. It doesn’t matter if you want casual or nursing shoes—enjoy timeless designs from a brand that’s been a leader in the industry for decades. Or, go for white, court-style shoes that are simple in their lightweight structure and well-cushioned for optimal comfort all day long.

Add Accessories for the Perfect Throwback Ensemble

Everyone loves to accessorize. That’s why athleisure accessories can be a great way to adapt your look as you mix and match in new ways. You might add a cap in a retro color or style for a subtle approach, or try a bucket hat as a tribute to the 90s and pair it with modern twists like pride shoes or natural colored studio wear. Push the boundaries as you evolve your style and use past trends as a guide for your modern athleisure styles.

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