Build Sporty Chic Ensembles with Retro Fitness Wear
Build Sporty Chic Ensembles with Retro Fitness Wear
Your workout attire can go beyond its function and help you create stylish looks that let you express yourself. Stay trendy with a retro approach that embodies sporty chic with must-haves like 90s windbreakers and color-blocked pieces. It’s time to have fun with your training and craft outfits that can raise your performance and style at the gym or on the streets.

It’s time to level up your style and try the sporty chic trend that continues to gain popularity. Known as a type of casual street style that can work for all occasions, sporty chic ensembles can help you take on the next rep or task at work. It’s the perfect way to express yourself and have fun as you challenge your mind and body each day. Vintage-inspired workout attire like retro shoes can help you create blended outfits that are sure to catch anyone’s attention. Stay stylish and empowered with these four tips.

Create the Perfect Tracksuit Look

The tracksuit is a two-part outfit that athletes typically wear over their competition clothing. You don’t need to be a professional to rock the look either, as there are ways to wear this well-known retro look at the gym. Seek out a brand with a range of 90s windbreakers that can help you bring this look to life while also supporting your warmup or cold morning run. Try details like a tall collar, pockets and crisp fabrics that keep your sporty chic look fresh and varsity-styled for the weight room or the streets.

Wear Vintage-Inspired Footwear

No sporty chic look is complete without a pair of athletic-inspired sneakers. Your shoes can elevate your style, so seek out a brand that’s known for both an innovative and vintage-inspired selection. If you want a casual option that can support your everyday looks, try white or retro shoes that call back to past trends. Or, go for breathable running shoes that feature responsive cushioning for a high-comfort stride that mimic the footwear of the 80s and 90s. Play around with different combinations that meet your lifestyle and style as you build the perfect sporty chic look for the day.

Try Color Blocks and Striking Combos

Retro, short for retrospective, is all about reminiscing on the past. This type of nostalgia can take your sporty chic workout attire to new levels as you bring back preloved styles. Color blocks are an easy way to add elements of contrast to your look and a sports bra is the perfect chance to stay cool and stylish with this design. Try adding this sporty element to your training attire, along with a pair of matching athletic leggings for a flexible outfit that can support every move.

Go with Joggers, Bikers Shorts and Sweatshirts

Sporty chic looks that celebrate the past call for more cozy wear that helps you stay comfortable throughout your warmup. Joggers are your new staple for this trend and can combine well with a cropped sweatshirt and white crew socks. Throw in a pair of biker shorts with mesh panels and other materials that can keep sweat at bay throughout the workout. Stay stylish in everything from color blocks to your new tracksuit as you become the sporty chic all-star of your gym.

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