7 Signs That You Need A Root Canal Therapy
7 Signs That You Need A Root Canal Therapy
Root canal treatment can help resolve numerous dental problems. The best dentist in Norman has come up with the common signs to go for root canal therapy.

Undergoing root canal treatment can be helpful to get rid of infected teeth and other severe dental problems. Certain signs indicate that you need to go for root canal treatment. The best Norman dentist has come up with the common symptoms of a root canal. Go through them and know when to consult a root canal dentist. 

Tremendous Pain

Any discomfort in your mouth should be reported to your dentist, but particular forms of pain could indicate root canal pain. If you have sudden agony that comes on like a wave, you may have an infected or dead tooth that requires a root canal. Are there certain positions where your gums or teeth pain the most? Is there any pressure on your teeth and face when you lie down or bend down? This could be the result of a root canal.

Unusual Bumps On The Gums

Any lumps on your gums could be an indication of an infected tooth that requires a root canal. A fistula is a protrusion on the bottom of the foot that looks like a pimple.

Immense Sensitivity To Cold & Hot

If you're sensitive to heat and cold, a root canal isn't necessary. Those who undergo a root canal experience sensitivity and pain from hot and cold for a long time after the drink or food has been swallowed.

Inflammation In The Gums

It could be a sign of an infected tooth if your gums have grown irritated. This is different from when we have irritated gums from flossing or brushing too vigorously. The swollen gums will be uncomfortable and a little painful to touch, and they will stay that way.

Cracked Or Chipped Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth is a two-fold indicator that the tooth may require root canal treatment. For example, there could have been trauma to the tooth that caused the chip or break, which has now resulted in the inflamed or infected pulp. Second, the tooth may have been so decaying or infected that it has cracked or chipped as a result of its death. In any case, you'll almost certainly need a root canal to save the rest of the tooth.

Tenderness In The Gums

You may experience root canal pain if your gums are sore to the touch, or even if they aren't. Make sure to tell the dentist about your sore gums when you go to the dentist.

Formation Of Abscess

On an x-ray, an abscess appears as a black spot. An infection is effectively a hole in the jawbone since bone does not develop around it. During your normal dentist checkup and x-rays, your dentist should tell you whether you have an abscess in your tooth.


If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, do not hesitate to get in touch with a root canal dentist in Norman. Call us at Brammer Dental Of Norman for the best root canal treatment in Norman, OK. We are here to assist you.