5 Bodybuilding Tips When You’re Away From Home
5 Bodybuilding Tips When You’re Away From Home
It can be a challenge to keep up your bodybuilding lifestyle when you travel. Instead of relying on motivation, pack your bodybuilding clothes and use your discipline to keep you accountable while on the road. From finding the right gym to working out wherever and whenever you have the chance, you can still get a training session in while on a business trip or vacation.

Committing to the bodybuilding lifestyle is a challenge, but traveling while staying true to the commitment is doubly challenging. When you go on vacation or a business trip, you face additional complications, like finding a place to work out or planning your meals. But remember: You can keep up your training regimen as long as you keep your no-compromise attitude. Grab your duffle bag, bring your bodybuilding clothes and accessories, and follow these five traveling tips for bodybuilders.

Find a Hotel with the Right Gym

Before you leave for your trip, it helps to find the right hotel. That means it should have at least a small gym available to guests. If possible, it should also have a way to do laundry, so you can keep your bodybuilding clothing clean the entire trip. While it isn’t ideal, as you might not have the same equipment as your home base, you can get a training session in, wash your clothes, and do it again the next day until it’s time to go home.

Check Out Local Gyms

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or you’re not even staying in a hotel, you should find a local gym before embarking on your trip. Search for gyms that offer a special daily or weekly rate, which is more common at independent gyms, which are also more likely to cater to your specialized type of training. Wherever you go, the local bodybuilding community is always happy to open its doors and welcome you in. If the location is feasible, this is always the best option.

Choose Food Wisely

If you can, do your meal planning and make food before you leave. Then, store your food in the hotel room fridge. If you need to make more meals, find a nearby grocery store that offers things like pre-cooked chicken breast and fresh vegetables. Also, be sure to pack your shaker bottle and favorite protein powder to stay on top of your macros.

Remain Too Disciplined to Fail

Even if you’re traveling for fun, your goals are too important to let them take a backseat. When you feel like you lack motivation, turn to discipline instead. After all, you packed your bodybuilding apparel, so throw it on and get after it. Bringing the gym apparel with you represents a willingness to put in the effort even when it’s a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re jet-lagged or had a long day full of meetings—the work still needs to get done. If you are an experienced bodybuilder, you know that discipline, not motivation, keeps you at your best. Bring that discipline with you.

Integrate Training Into Your Entire Day

Carving time out of your trip for a workout might mean getting in an unorthodox workout when the opportunity presents itself. Your hotel room can be a workout area. Take the stairs and avoid moving walkways at airports. Bring resistance bands and do bodyweight exercises. If you get creative, you can do an entire workout in your room or really anywhere. Remember, this trip won’t last forever, and soon you’ll be back at your home base. Make the most of it, and you’ll hardly skip a beat.

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