4 Ways to Change Up Your Workout Routine
4 Ways to Change Up Your Workout Routine
Is your workout routine starting to feel a little dull? Maybe your goals are evolving and you need a new way to reach them. Whatever the case, most people like to switch up their workout routine at least once per year, if not more frequently, so they’re still excited to lace up their cross training shoes every day. Here are some tips to help you make your routine more exciting.

Is your workout routine starting to feel a little stale? If you’ve been consistent for weeks, months or even years, it’s no surprise that your routine has gotten a little, well, routine. Whether you have new goals or just want to see if there’s a different way to work out, there’s lots you can do to make your workout routine more exciting. Throw on your gym shorts and try out these four ideas.

Evaluate Your Honest Goals

The first thing you should do is evaluate your goals. There is likely more than one way to reach your ideal goals, but you need to be clear on your realistic fitness goals. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends or what you think you want but being true to yourself it’s what’s most important. So, if you’ve spent the past year trying to become faster, but deep down, you want to be stronger, it’s no wonder you don’t love your running routine. Be honest with yourself and go from there.

Dedicate a Day to Trying New Workouts

There are dozens of options in any commercial gym. Chances are there’s a variety of workout equipment you’ve never even tried before. You never know what you’re missing until you try it, so dedicate a day to just that. Lace up your cross training shoes and just try anything that looks interesting to you. Even if it doesn’t feel like a comprehensive workout, you can discover new exercises, machines or equipment to implement into your new and improved routine.

Start Exercising at Different Times

Part of having a workout routine is going at a consistent time. While there’s quite a bit of data about when to work out, at the end of the day, just being there is all that matters. So, if you want to make things a little more exciting, try working out at a different part of the day. If you usually work out first thing in the morning, try working out after work or at the very end of the night. You might like having the chance to sleep in or enjoy more of your morning with this new routine.

Try Splitting Your Workouts Up

Although they’re not for everyone, plenty of people love doing two-a-days and split their normal workout into two sessions. For example, instead of doing a few minutes of cardio at the end of your strength training session, make it its own workout and do it later on in the day. Or you could make your morning workout more focused on strength and flexibility and the evening workout all about volume and hypertrophy. By splitting up your workouts, you have the chance to accelerate your progress and make your overall routine a little more interesting.

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