3 Tips for Styling Your High-Top Footwear
3 Tips for Styling Your High-Top Footwear
High-top footwear is a long-standing trend that continues to dominate the streets. Everything from your basketball shoes to your loungewear can be an opportunity to enjoy this trend in a way that supports your style. Search for a reputable brand that uses high-quality materials and innovative designs for all their shoes, and you’ll be sure to look and feel unstoppable in your high-tops.

High-top footwear is a well-known shoe style that continues to dominate everything from the street to the gym. Not only can they add a fashionable element to your ensembles, but they can build stability and level up your performance. Whether you’re on the court or enjoying a night out with friends, you deserve high-quality shoes that bring comfort and style to your stride. So, stop making sacrifices when it comes to your footwear. It’s time to understand why the high-top continues to take the industry by storm and how you can start styling them like a pro.

Wear Them During the Game

High-tops are a must for many sports, and basketball is the most common sport that requires this type of shoe for optimal support. Your men's basketball shoes should have a high upper that’s soft so you can experience stability and comfort while making quick movements. Even if you just play the occasional pickup game, search for a reputable brand known for their innovative footwear that can support your performance, comfort and style.

BBC writes that vintage styles are back in the 2020s and here to stay, and your high-top shoes are a great way to revive some retro styles. Add a pair of basketball shorts made with mesh for a breathable throwback look to help you make your next layup.

Add Them to Training

Whether you’re a morning walker or someone who likes to lift weights, there are high-top shoes that can add stability to your steps and reps. Because the design can help support your ankles, your high-tops can build a solid base for squats, lunges and deadlifts as you maintain your form. Or, use a cushioned high-top design for your daily walks or as a go-to shoe for court training to add comfort and balance to your steps. Women can pair their high-tops with athletic leggings, while men can combine them with track pants to build an ensemble that can easily transition from your day-to-day activities to the gym.

Style Them for Casual Looks

Pop Sugar claims that high-top footwear is one of the biggest sneaker trends for this year. The dynamic structure feels both time-tested and modern, making them a must-have for anyone looking to craft casual looks and level up their streetwear. Consider a pair of white shoes with a leather upper to help you create a retro outfit that can add cushioned foam to your stride. Try pairing them with legging shorts or sweatpants and a cropped shirt or crewneck for a trendy look that’s eye-catching and simple. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as you sport a pair of high-tops that can help you upgrade your performance and style.

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