3 Reasons You Should Try HIIT Workouts
3 Reasons You Should Try HIIT Workouts
A HIIT workout can maximize your training in multiple ways because it’s easy to change and do at any time. The fitness trend is versatile as intervals and resistance can be adapted to fit your needs. It’s hard to beat the time-saving benefits too. Throw on your favorite athletic leggings and cross training shoes and start incorporating HIIT training into your routine for these three reasons.

Whether you’ve tried or overheard someone mention HIIT workouts in the past, it might be time to revisit this fitness trend that’s here to stay. Known as high-intensity interval training, this workout method can challenge your body in new ways. The system typically involves switching between intervals of intense exercise followed by lower-intensity intervals or recovery periods. Low on time, experience or space? Lace up your cross training shoes and try this fitness style.

HIIT Can Be Done Any Time and Anywhere

HIIT workouts are great for anyone who feels they don’t have enough time to exercise regularly. In mere minutes, you can turn up the burn and send your heart rate skyrocketing. You don’t need much equipment or special attire to get through a killer HIIT workout either. Add your favorite athletic leggings or track pants to your performance shirt and sports bra for an ensemble that’s ready for anything.

A gym is not a requirement for this free exercise strategy as it involves bursts of cardio and strength training that can use just your body weight at any location. One session can take you 10 minutes or triple depending on your fitness goals, making it an easy addition to your current regimen or as your main effort. HIIT is especially great for those who are traveling or have limited resources yet still want to bust out an effective workout.

HIIT Can Support Different Athletic Levels

Because of HIIT’s adaptability, you can enjoy it regardless of your athletic experience. If you’re new, try starting with three to four intervals and slowly increase your efforts as you build your stamina and strength. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or just starting to develop a workout routine, HIIT can support your body and help you increase your performance as you diversify your intervals.

Be sure to invest in a pair of cross training shoes from an innovative brand. These shoes should provide the support you need to feel stable while being flexible enough to keep up with your swift movements. Seek out details like responsive cushioning and breathable mesh to help you stay cool while pushing yourself to the limit.

HIIT Can Challenge Different Areas

As you experiment with different HIIT sequences, be sure to get creative and consider your overarching fitness goals because you can tailor your HIIT routine to match. For example, if you want to enhance your stamina out on the basketball court, you might try incorporating high knees or burpees into your intervals. This can result in a longer workout that pushes your cardio levels.

Whatever your primary goal, HIIT workouts can help you achieve it. You have full control over the muscles you target and you can quickly adjust the length or rep counts within your workout. Try a new circuit when you get bored or add a new fitness goal to work different muscles and keep your mind and body engaged.

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