Top Brands Investing In NFTs
Top Brands Investing In NFTs
Why Invest In NFTs?

The top brands investing in NFTs have made a mark as popular NFT brands through a proactive approach Given the abundance of intriguing competitors in the market, the list of brands investing in NFTs can go on forever. Companies investing in NFTs have been successful in establishing their recognition as NFT brands by taking a proactive stance toward new digital assets, and brands tasted success in the market.

What precisely characterizes a brand’s position in terms of NFT investments? Performance indicators like total NFT revenue and secondary sales volume could illustrate how successful brands utilize the NFT’s potential. Additionally, how businesses employ their NFT investments may provide a useful indication of their position within the NFT ecosystem. By these, you can assess the effectiveness of NFTs. It’s interesting to note that the leading NFT users have demonstrated exceptional performance in terms of income and range of NFT projects. Measuring the growth of NFTs can be done by looking at a list of the top brands investing in NFTs.

1. Nike

Nike would be one of the first names mentioned among NFT businesses that have gained notoriety recently. Nearly $183.69 million in total NFT sales and $90.59 million in royalties were reported by the sportswear brand. It’s interesting to note that Nike is likely one of the first companies to record a $1.3 billion secondary transaction volume.

2. Adidas

Adidas is a well-known rival of Nike and a prominent newcomer to the field of NFTs. When asked “What corporations are investing in NFT?” Adidas comes up as the top response. ” In particular for the outcomes, it has produced in a short amount of time. In terms of total NFT revenue, Adidas reported $10.95 million combined with $4.75 million in royalties. The “Into the Metaverse” NFTs marked the beginning of the sportswear company’s involvement in NFTs. It’s interesting to note that all 30,000 Adidas NFTs were produced and sold within a few hours of going on sale.

3. Tiffany

Tiffany is a prominent mention on the list of companies investing in NFTs because of its involvement. Tiffany has reported remarkable overall NFT revenue of $12.62 million. Around 250 NFTiffs, which are essentially digital passes, were sold thanks to the renowned jewelry company.

4. Gucci

One of the leading luxury companies working with NFTs focused on broader objectives is Gucci. Gucci’s concentration on NFTs has not been hampered by the difficulties of the crypto crash, as evidenced by the approximately $11.56 million in NFT sales it has made. One of the obvious reasons for other businesses to join the NFT bandwagon is Gucci’s unwavering confidence in its investment in technology.

5. Time Magazine

One of the most well-known and frequently read magazines in the world, Time Magazine, is among the top NFT brands. Time announced the release of the first complete issue of its magazine as a non-fungible token. Any print or digital newspaper has never before released an entire issue as NFT on a blockchain network.

6. Budweiser

In November 2021, the beer company introduced its first NFT collection, announcing its entrance into the NFT market. The Budweiser NFT collection also referred to as the Heritage Collection, includes about 1936 separate, distinctive digital renderings of beer cans. According to reports, Budweiser’s entire NFT income was roughly $5.88 million.

7. McLaren

To take advantage of a varied metaverse strategy, McLaren has also developed its new NFT project. The exclusive new digital community MSO LAB was just unveiled by the luxury car manufacturer. The McLaren Special Operations roadmap for the metaverse would be supported by the new digital community.

8. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon would undoubtedly be the brand on a list of NFT brands that most people would find shocking. It created the Nickelodeon NFT marketplace, Slimy Seconds, where consumers may purchase their preferred Nickelodeon animated series as NFTs. Essentially PFP collectibles project, the collection included almost 10,000 different variations of Hey Arnold and Rugrats characters in its inaugural collection on the NFT marketplace.

9. Lacoste

Lacoste, one of the well-known garment manufacturers, would also be listed among the names of fashion businesses with investments in NFT. The first NFT project was made public under the name “Undw3,” which stands for “underwater” or the conversion of the legacy brand to web3. A crocodile emerging from the water’s surface is shown on the NFTs in the new collection.

10. Australian Open

In numerous industries, NFTs are becoming more and more widespread. One of the biggest brands to use NFTs recently is the Australian Open. In reality, it is the first Grand Slam event to play in the NFT and Web3 spheres. The AO Art Ball NFTs, which can offer linkages with live match data, were first made available during the Australian Open. At the same time, it may present special chances for everyone to participate in AO’s experiences.

Source: Analytics Insight

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