Top 4 misconceptions about growing cannabis in a greenhouse
Top 4 misconceptions about growing cannabis in a greenhouse
Find out the top misconceptions about growing cannabis in a greenhouse setup. Buy high-quality cannabis seeds from the Greenhouse Seed Company offered by Cannapot


As more and more countries around the world have started legalizing the use of cannabis for various medicinal and recreational purposes, growers are showing interest in learning different techniques of growing cannabis all year round and of course, that means greenhouse growing. Seeing this as an opportunity, many consultants without having proper knowledge of greenhouse setup have started claiming themselves to be manufacturers and greenhouse experts.

Unfortunately, many types of misconceptions are being told to cannabis growers looking to move to greenhouse growing. If you want to start to grow your own marijuana in a greenhouse, you can be sure, as the name suggests, to get superb feminized seeds for your project created by netherlands breeder Greenhouse Seeds. To help you stay away from these misconceptions, here are the top 4 misconceptions about growing cannabis in greenhouses.


Not possible to grow in a greenhouse in the winter



If someone tells you this, know that they clearly have no understanding of the greenhouse industry. This is surely one of the ridiculous statements you can hear about the growing of cannabis in a greenhouse in winter. In countries like Canada, the northern United States, Europe, and Japan, you can find many vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, roses, lilies, lettuce, etc., grown in abundance 365 days a year.

This is mainly possible because of the Niagrow greenhouse heating systems that were solely established with the aim to provide top-quality heating systems for greenhouse growers throughout North America. The heating systems are designed with a deep understanding of crops and customer needs in the vegetables and floral industry. With the help of these efficient systems, now thousands of greenhouse growers can easily grow cannabis plants in a greenhouse set up year-round. We know that the light is not as long as in spring and summer but with a perfect setup you will still earn a lot of superb marijuana.

Southern greenhouses need year-round air-conditioning



A modification of the Northern greenhouse misconception, this statement shows how little understanding people have about the working of greenhouse technology. The setup for every “cannabis greenhouse” has different requirements and therefore they need to be looked at differently. It is seen that fan and pad systems work very well for greenhouse growers in countries like Southern California, Mexico, and Eastern Texas, but in countries where the environment has higher humidity levels, as in Puerto Rico, Mauritius or Reunion, using just the fan and pad systems will not be effective. The growers need to install a cooling system in the greenhouse to ensure the cannabis plants are getting adequate cooling. So the climate of a particular place plays a crucial role in determining if additional cooling is needed, and if so how often.

A greenhouse needs more capital investment than a warehouse




This is a completely false statement. In fact, the capital investment required to build a greenhouse is significantly less than that of a warehouse indoor growing. Based on your environment, if you think that growing cannabis in a greenhouse is the right way for you, ensure to contact a greenhouse manufacturer that can show you how to get the most worth from your greenhouse build.

The northern greenhouse needs here 365 days a year



This is another ridiculous statement- only made by those who have little understanding of how greenhouse technology works in different environmental conditions. Often, companies that are not from your geographic location, will give such a type of misstatement, showing that they don't have the required knowledge to advise on how to grow cannabis in a greenhouse. The right greenhouse design experts will take all the factors into account, such as the climatic region, the style and size of the greenhouse, the specific needs of the crop, and the insulation factor of the greenhouse glazing material, before giving you any advice.


Remember, a properly built greenhouse will provide the ideal environment for your crop. You will know what percentage of the year you will need to heat the greenhouse if you consider how often your climate is below your desired cannabis crop temperature.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for high-quality strains to grow in a greenhouse setup, look no further than Cannapot. The reputed company offers award-winning cannabis strains from the Greenhouse Seed Company that are guaranteed to be the best in the world. The best thing is that you will be able to find strains having exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties at the best competitive price.