FinAlyzer - Overview
FinAlyzer - Overview
FinAlyzer is a financial consolidation and analysis software that helps companies improve their corporate financial performance. It is fast to implement, cost-effective & easy to use. It effortlessly converts financial data to actionable insights.


BeyondSquare’s  FinAlyzer® is a unified platform to automate all aspects of management & statutory financial consolidation, reporting & management dash-boarding. It eliminates compliance risks and huge compliance costs, through fast and accurate reporting. The scheduled interface helps in straight-through processing, reporting & keeping the data current. It supports integration with any underlying ERP (SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Dynamics, Quickbooks, Tally, custom ERPs, etc.)


It is especially useful for organizations that have multiple business lines, entities, or reporting requirements.  ERP & BI solutions do not address the process& workflow needs of financial reporting.  EPM solutions are outdated, effort & cost-intensive. 


FinAlyzer® is Fast, Cost-effective & Easy. FinAlyzer® provides pre-configured models for MIS, IndAS, IFRS & US GAAP, and other local GAAP formats, thereby making roll-outs faster. FinAlyzer® frees up considerable time from report preparation and helps teams focus their time on analysis and better decision making.


FinAlyzer provides actionable business insights that help in effective decision making. For management reporting, FinAlyzer® provides rich interactive dashboards & reports covering KPIs, segment-wise performance, alerts, early warnings, trends, drill-downs, actual vs plan, P&L, BS, cashflows & consolidation across entities.

FinAlyzer® allows multi-level consolidation seamlessly, handling currency translation, period differences, intercompany eliminations, casting, automated minority interest & goodwill computation. FinAlyzer® is a multi-GAAP platform that can be used to generate print-ready financial statements.