What’s Special About the Barong Tagalog?
What’s Special About the Barong Tagalog?
Formal events normally see people dressed to the nines trying to impress everyone else. While you may opt to wear a three-piece suit, you may end up looking like everyone else. But if you had the option of wearing something simple yet elegant, would you opt to wear it?

Reasons why should you wear a Barong Tagalog for formal events

The embroidery range from classic geometric patterns to floral designs. There are also some designs that combine these two. Your choices are endless, and you may end up buying more than one if you’re in the market for a Barong Tagalog.

The Barong Tagalog is not a run-of-the-mill attire that you can wear for formal occasions. Its rich heritage spanning centuries makes the Barong Tagalog definitely a cut above the rest.