Types of pendant to buy this season | pendants
Types of pendant to buy this season | pendants
Types of pendant to buy this season | pendants

Beautiful pendants can offer something special to a gold or silver chain. They can spice up a gold chain and be a fashion statement.

Pendants explained.

Pendants hang from necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Ancient art portrays Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans wearing necklaces with pendants. Cavemen wore pendants made of shells or stones on strings around their necks.

In the Middle Ages, people wore reliquaries and other devotional jewelry around their necks. They fell out of fashion in the 17th century and resurfaced in the 19th.

Pendants come in several materials. Gold, silver, platinum, and non-precious metals plated with gold or silver are popular for jewelry. Brass, copper, iron, nickel, titanium, lead-free pewter are non-precious metals.


Amulet sizes vary. Amulets might be gold or silver, or gold or silver-plated. Diamonds, jewels, zirconia, and lab-created gems can be set in precious metal amulets.

Amulets are believed to guard against harm and threats. Most religions contain amulets thought to protect from danger, evil, or other harm. Saint Christopher pendants protect travelers, for example. Epilepsy sufferers often wear Saint Christopher as a Confirmation gift. This saint amulet prevents floods and storms. Soldiers wear this charm.


A cameo pendant is a relief-carved profile. The most familiar bust is a gorgeous woman's. Carnelian, mother-of-pearl, sardonyx (rare), and agate are used to make cameos. Some are made of resin. Detail makes these beauties. Modern cameos ditch classic shapes for current situations.

Flowers, angels, children, and scenery are depicted. This pendant is sleek and classic. It goes with dresses and suits. It's formal enough for a wedding.


Quartz crystal or gemstone pendants are popular. Crystals come in many styles. Uncut wire-wrapped gemstones are popular. Crystals are worn as amulets and Talismans. You can wear them to add clarity and sparkle to your wardrobe.


A fashion pendant is worn for its beauty. These pendants are costume jewelry, not precious metals or gems. Fashion pendants are affordable and easy to change and match. These pendants are versatile and can be worn with various necklaces. Wear one with a gold chain or a leather cord. Different necklace lengths and sizes complement different outfits.


Functional pendants can be emergency mini-tools but are mostly worn as novelty items. Magnifying glass, miniature folding pocket knives, scissors, monocle, compass, whistle, vial, yarn cutters, or pill boxes are some designs. Even a prayer box can be used as a pendant that opens and closes. Small books with engraved gold or silver pages make good gifts.

Functional jewelry is enameled, made of precious metals, or decorated with gemstones or diamonds. You can find functional pendants made from various materials. You can give functional jewelry to a seamstress (scissors), sailor (compass), knitter (yarn cutter), etc.


The infinity symbol symbolizes eternity. This pendant is often given as a token of undying love. This symbol of eternal love is often adorned with a diamond or precious gem.


Popular pendants include lockets. Heart-shaped lockets with a single diamond are popular. Inside or on the back, love messages are engraved. Initials or names are engraved on some heart lockets. Round, oval, square, and rectangular lockets are available.

People put photos of loved ones or themselves as children in lockets. As a gift from a lover, a locket frame with two photos is given. Keepsakes include a lock of a loved one's hair. This is a popular Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift. Favorite christening or newborn gift. Mother's Day lockets are heart-shaped.


A medallion can be larger than a coin. This jewelry can be a gift, award, or medal. Religious medallions are blessings. There are also unique fashion medallions. Dress up a casual outfit or highlight a colorful summer dress with a medallion featuring a cloisonne peacock.


Talismans are amulet cousins. Talismans are magical tokens, unlike religious amulets. These magical charms can be man made or organic. For a pendant, the talisman is usually metal with an emblem, symbol, or design that may include lettering and/or numbers.

Talismans are made to be magical charms, unlike amulets. The Talisman's magic is transferred to the wearer. Talismans can represent cultures, mythologies, or ancient designs. Runes, Celtic warrior shields, Seal of King Solomon magic symbols, sigils, and more contain these.

Pick the Right Pendant.

You may only wear a pendant on holidays or anniversaries. You can always find a pendant to complement your outfit.

Not everyone will feel the same way about pendants. Maintaining your own unique sense of style is what really matters. Pick from the pendants you'll be proud to show off for years to come. RINGS