Golden Goose Sneakers no expense in the staging
Golden Goose Sneakers no expense in the staging
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West's eponymous label focuses on elegant yet outre pieces fit for the grandest events. With fans like Rihanna, who accessorized her Balenciaga cape at Golden Goose Shoes this year's Met gala with one of West's ceramic-and-diamond Black Rebel rings, and a prominent place in Sotheby's Brilliant and Black exhibition back in September, West is experiencing a banner year.

For their roving Hotel Vivier, for example, the brand spared Golden Goose Sneakers no expense in the staging of faux hotels where guests can happen upon Vivier's latest creations. The fantastical spaces teemed with surprise-one room was carpeted floor-to-ceiling in pink faux fur; in another, actors dressed as historical figures Jackie Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth partook in arm-wrestling matches over dinner; and a third had pom-pom-wielding cheerleaders bouncing up and down in Vivier go-go boots.

For Valentino, being radical means tingeing daywear tropes with the rarefied codes of couture, while keeping the integrity of both languages. Golden Goose Sneakers Outlet In the new collection, a good example is Piccioli's sartorial work around the suit, a fashion staple which doesn't belong to the house's repertoire of high-style dressing, but which is a gender-fluid option that holds a firm place in today's wardrobes.


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