Several Important Subjects You Should Study For the Group D Exam
Several Important Subjects You Should Study For the Group D Exam
Since working for the railways is considered to be an honour itself, many young students aspire to do so. If you are one of them, gather your courage and concentrate on your goal.

Everyone is working hard, but the key is to work wisely.

If you want to increase your chances of being hired at the RRB Group D level by the Railways, you should prioritise and pay close attention to the subjects that make up the majority of the exam.

Exam Group D Preparation: Consider These Topics

Exam Pattern

First, it is important to understand the RRB Group D Exam Pattern.

  • The RRB Group D CBT Exam has 100 questions in total.

  • There is a 100-point limit for the RRB Group D CBT Exam.

  • Each response receives one point.

  • Every incorrect answer will result in a loss of one-third of a mark.

  • Candidates have to answer all the questions in 90 minutes.

  • Four disciplines will be covered in the exam: mathematics, general knowledge and current events, general intelligence and thinking, and general science.


If we now turn to the course syllabus. Certainly, you should cover the entirety of the RRB Group D Syllabus 2022, but for certain individuals, it may be too vast.  In that situation, you should concentrate on the crucial subjects that are given more weight in the syllabus.

In order to acquire a better grade, you should address the following most important aspects, which I will share with you in this post.

Important Topics for each subject

For Mathematics:-


  1. Number System, HCF

  2. Average

  3. Interest

  4. Speed, Time & Distance

  5. Time & Work

  6. Ratio & Proportion

  7. Percentage