The K-Pop Kraze: How Korea Established a Global Music Phenomenon
For many years now, Korean pop music, popularly often known as K-Pop, has actually been enjoying huge success not simply in South Korea as well as Asia, but on the planet as well. Fans see themselves grooving, jiving and singing along with K-Pop hits even if almost 95% of those songs are written in Korean, thus gibberish-sounding and meaningless to non-Korean listeners (unless they start doing research, which most of them do).

What many thought as simply a musical fad that will eventually vanish, this music style has made (and it is continuously making) such a big effect in the international music industry that likely it has already been considered as a standalone genre.

From Nobody to Everybody

It was only within the 1990s as soon as the Korean entertainment industry started integrating influences from the West. Being a standard country with rich background and customs, Korea started embracing Western popular culture and used them as inspiration for their entertainment indu