Why a Java developer is the most aspired job in 2022?
Why a Java developer is the most aspired job in 2022?
Do you wish to learn one of the most popular programming languages in the world? Then this post will be worth reading as you will be able to unfold every aspect of Java.

Do you wish to learn one of the most popular programming languages in the world? Then this post will be worth reading as you will be able to unfold every aspect of Java. Since its release in 1995, Java has been a popular programming language. Java is the most popular programming language with approximately 70 million developers using it. Java is mainly used for creating android apps. 


Getting a Java certification online will reap the benefits of knowing and using Java better. Higher income, better job prospects and a better promotion are at the top of the benefits of getting a Java certification online. But there are much more than these. 


Who is a Java developer?

A Java developer is a computer software programmer who uses the Java programming language to develop computer applications, web development and other client-server requirements. He is in charge of designing, developing and maintaining Java-based programs. Some of the responsibilities of a Java developer are-


  • Designing, implementing and maintaining Java-based applications.

  • Providing a high-level performance.

  • Writing well-designed and testable codes.

  • Encourage continual progress.

  • Managing the development of Java and its applications.

  • Participating in all the stages of the development process.

  • Analysis, programming and debugging of software.


What are the basic skills of a Java developer?

  • Object-oriented programming concepts.

  • Understand system design and architecture.

  • Usage of Java build tools.

  • Code version control

  • Web technologies

  • Unit testing

  • Communication skills

  • Ready to learn new things


How can a Java developer advance his career?

There are numerous career opportunities in Java. Training courses are conducted in application development and programming fundamentals. These courses enable you to choose the right career path. Java certification online helps students to learn the concepts of programming and how to solve complex problems. We offer a comprehensive Java training course where you will be able to learn Core Java, Oops Concept, Data types, Variables, Flow, Statement, Collections, Error Handling, Java Server Page (JSP), Javascript, Spring, AJAX, Hibernate Framework and become a master of this programming language. 


How can a Java certification aggravate your career?

A Java certification online adds long-term value to your career. Better salary, value to your resume and recognition tops the list. Let us see the benefits of this course in detail-


  1. Get hired easily- Not only the IT industry but also many government organizations value a Java certification online course profoundly. Almost all the major companies give extra recognition to a certified Java developer than a non-certified one. By getting a Java training course, a fresher enhances his chance of getting hired by bigger companies.

  2. Gives your confidence- Give a lift to your confidence with a Java certification online course. You will feel that you know Java better and there is no aspect that remains unknown to you. This helps you to crack interviews in one go. A certified Java programmer performs better in interviews than a non-certified one and answers perfectly to those tricky questions. Companies recognize your talent and confidence and have valid reasons to offer you more.
  3. Value to your resume- Your worry about an ordinary academic record can be paused with a Java certification online course. Do you know that a Java certification looks good on your resume? It will fill the loopholes in your resume. A hiring manager will give extra preference to a resume either with an outstanding academic career or a Java certification.

  4. Earn a decent salary- A certified Java developer gets a better salary package than ordinary Java developers with the same skill. Some companies mention that they will hire only professionals with Java certification online. Once you score 90+ in the training course, you will earn a better salary from the recognized companies.


What are the top job prospects of a certified Java developer?

A certified Java developer earns an average of 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. Strong employment opportunities are expected for software engineers working on the system software. Here are some of the career options for a certified Java developer-

  • DevOps Engineer- If you are an experienced Java developer with an urge for managing the environment and improving the overall structure, you can become a DevOps engineer. A DevOps engineer is one who is either interested in network operations or system admins who work with scripting and coding.

  • Solution Architect- He is responsible for the design of one or more applications within an organization. He must have a mix of technical and business skills and should be aware of different programming languages like Java and .Net. You can get our Java certification online course to become a solution architect.

  • Scrum Master- The job of a Scrum Master is to run Scrum meetings and solve any blockage coming on its way. It requires project management and subject matter skills. 

  • Business Analyst- An analyst is involved in the design and modification of business or IT systems. He interacts with business stakeholders and subject matter experts to analyze business needs. 

  • Project Manager- A project manager is responsible for the management of the project like scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resources. He works closely with the upper management. 


What are some of the FAQs?


  • Which certification is the best for Java developers?

The Oracle Certified Master Java Enterprise Architect is the highest Java certification online course available for a developer. This certification verifies that a developer has the essential Java skills and competence.


  • Is Java developer a good career?


Java is everywhere. It serves as the backbone of the internet and web applications. Pursuing a career in Java is profitable.


  • Does Java have a future?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages and is globally acclaimed. Java is used in every Android app and has a bright future ahead.


  • Can I learn Java by myself?

It is not difficult to learn Java on your own. However, there are many institutes that provide you with a Java certification online course. 



One of the main reasons for getting a Java certification online is to enhance your position in the team. People recognize Java skills more and develop a regard for your skill. It increases your knowledge and earns respect in your circle. So, it’s best to go for a Java certification online as soon as possible. You can easily do this at our training institute which offers an immersive course of 2 months at attractive price offers.