What are the benefits of writing articles
What are the benefits of writing articles
essay, an analytic, interpretative, or critical literary composition usually much shorter and less systematic and formal than a dissertation or thesis and usually dealing with its subject from a limited and often personal point of view.

What are the benefits of writing articles

I've been writing articles professional essay Writing for years such as IT articles in the 1001 column, Daily News, TCDC website, and most recently, Medium for half a year.Many people ask, what did you get when writing an article? Take time to do other things Isn't it better? Some people say that they write and no one reads it.

I would like to say What do you get from writing articles?

1. Practice writing skills

No one is born good at writing. Even those who are not good at writing but write every day I can write more fluently.

writing articles often make me know

no matter what job If you have good writing skills will be useful in all work

This is the most important benefit I get from writing articles.

2. Practice arranging your thoughts.

Writing is about expressing your thoughts in your head in a concrete way.So before we write any story We have to think systematically or organize our thoughts first. Therefore, it will be conveyed out in letters for others to read.if we compile Organize your thoughts in your head, as if we were more organized. This will be useful in other areas as well, such as presentations, teaching.

3. gain more knowledge

If we want to write an article on one subject or want more information to write an article.But there is no information or knowledge about that before. What will you do?Ask Aku. Searching for information on the subject we are interested in writing. It will make us more knowledgeable about it.Researching for the right information to write articles makes us better have more knowledge more confident until writing an article.

4. Do it once

Writing an article is a one-time Academic Writing Services in UK exertion, after which there is almost nothing more to do.Whether it has one reader or a million people, they write the same amount of effort of course, the content of the article may need to be updated somewhat. But it works much less than before. and not completely rewritten.For this reason, I am attracted to lazy people who work repetitively like me.

5. Able to transform articles

After we have written the article We can change the article to another format, for example:

  • audio file

  • Combine articles into books or ebooks.

  • presentation slides

  • course

  • online course

  • Read articles

  • Poster or infographic

  • app

The article is a starting point for other things. many more

6. have extra income

If we write an article until it is already known Maybe someone hired us to write articles. and pay compensation.But do not care about the compensation at all. Because they have very little compared to the compensation they receive from other jobs.If choosing between

a. Compensation and we no longer have rights to that article.

b. Write for free and we own the article.

I choose b.

7. Get to know others

Everyone talks about Personal branding in this era, which can be done in many ways.If we focus on the genre of the article Don't write too many vignettes. will let the reader know What do we specialize in? And we get readers who are interested in that genre to follow and read our writings.

8. It is helpful to others

What makes me the most professional essay Writing happy There are readers who say that they get benefits such as knowledge and fun from the articles I wrote.This is something the article writers are very proud of. and make them have the strength to write articles continuously.