Time Management Tips For TOEFL Preparation
Time Management Tips For TOEFL Preparation
TOEFL preparation Mississauga, help you enhance your concepts and manage your exam stress. Time management is crucial if you want to get a high score on the exam.

TOEFL Time Management Strategy

The students planning to study in another country or professionals looking for better job opportunities must score high in TOEFL. It is also considered one of the toughest exams in our country. Time management plays a significant role in scoring well in TOEFL and subject knowledge. Several students enroll in TOEFL test preparation courses in Mississauga to understand and prepare for the exam. In this blog, we will closely focus on the exam's time management.

Understanding the structure

To begin our time management tips, first, you need to understand the structural arrangement of the paper. The TOEFL exam comes with a competitive format that tests the student's skills and activeness. It is a blend of testing applications like reading, listening, speaking, etc. All these parts comprise one exam. Some people find the exam lengthy, and at such point, good time management becomes the key to success.

The reading portion of the exam holds around 30 to 40 questions which take around 54 to 72 minutes. This time is enough to read, understand and answer the question. This round helps in understanding the verbal strength of the person. Along with it, the part also shows how the individual perceives the world.

The next section of the exam is comprised of listening. This part comprises where the part is in a spoken form that needs to be listened to by the students. If they understand it well, then they will be selected. It is around 41 to 57 minutes for 28 to 39 questions.

The next part of the exam comprises a break followed by 17 minutes of 4 speaking tasks. Then, you will receive 2 tasks of writing in around 50 minutes.

Tips for reading

Today, our focus will be the time management of reading. Here are a few tips;

· You will get 3 to 4 passages in the complete reading session. So give only 20 minutes to each passage and then move on. This will allow you to give around one and a half minutes for each question. For tough questions, you can also stretch it up to 2 minutes.

· Prioritize the answers. Start by seeking the mark weightage.

· Also, don't be stuck on it when you are attempting the answers, and you don't have any answer for one question. If you don't know the answer, then leave it for later.

· Start by preparing yourself first. Take a TOEFL practice book and start giving yourself only 1 minute for each question. This will allow you to understand the stress you will have in the actual exam. This will also allow you to decrease the time required for each question.

· TOEFL preparation Mississauga also suggests focusing on active reading during the exam. We often start doing the passive reading, where we read the words and sentences but don't understand what they are saying. This takes more time, and we might also give wrong answers.

Time management for the listening part

The exam also includes a listening part where you can manage your time efficiently by implementing these tips.

· You will need to listen to the recording of 34 to 51 questions. So you will get around 60 to 90 minutes. The task will comprise several voices and content from different platforms like lectures, classroom discussions, academics, etc.

· Every academic talk will come with 6 listening questions.

· Then, every dialogue will result in 5 questions.

· Usually, a person gets 6 listening packages. However, the number of listening packages will be more academic talks than dialogues.

· The issue with the listening task is that several students don't have active listening skills. This causes a lack of attention to the details while sitting for the exam. That's why they need to practice on this front more.

· When you listen, it is common to make notes. It is good because it allows the student to recall the information later while answering the questions. However, be careful while making notes. You should not get indulged in writing every little detail. It will only cost you more time. So instead, make short and crisp notes for only the things you find interesting.

Time management for writing skills

This task comprises answer writing as per the observation made in previous tasks. Therefore, the writing section takes the maximum time.

· So always keep extra time for the writing section. You also need to provide sound logic for every question that you are answering.

· This part will comprise all three activities above, so you must be well-prepared for the party.

· First of all, start by speeding up your writing. You need to write fast and with high accuracy to pass the exam. Moreover, every minute is crucial in the exam. That's why you can try practicing it beforehand to enhance your speech.


TOEFL preparation Missisasayga, help you enhance your concepts and manage your exam stress. Time management is crucial if you want to get a high score on the exam. You can follow above-mentioned tips to increase your speed.